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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Homeopathy Offers Permanent Solution for Hair Loss

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Dr. Mukesh SinghHomeopathy Doctor • 23 Years Exp.B.H.M.S., Senior Homeopath Consultant
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Homeopathy for hair loss

We suffer from hair loss because of multiple reasons. While for some it is genetic, for others it is the quality of water used to wash hair, and for some others it is side effects of medicines/ailments. Hair growth on the other hand will either happen naturally, or with particular treatments. Homeopathy has certain very effective medicines which assist hair growth in individuals. The process is slow but the result is extremely satisfactory. These medicines are mixed and matched and dosage is given according to your hair and scalp condition. 

Know about these medicines and when are these most relevant:

1. Lycopodium: this medicine is prescribed to those who are suffering from premature balding, including pregnant women and new mothers. The medicine is made from the spores of plants like club moss and is effective on both men and women.

2. Silicea: this is made from sandstones and human tissues and happens to be one of the most prescribed homeopathic medicines. It aids in making the hair stronger and nourishing the hair, thus taking its dryness away.

3. Natrum muriaticum: made from table salt, this medicine helps in hair growth for cases hair loss results from dry scalp and dandruff, skin and menstrual problems. Women suffering from menstrual problems also suffer from hair loss. This medicine is prescribed to them too.

4. Kalium cabonicum: this is prescribed a lot, specifically to stop thinning of hair, aiding growth of hair in this process. It also cures brittle hair condition. Kalium cabonicum is made from the compounds which are used to make glass in egypt.

5. Phosphorus: scalp disorders at times result in loss of hair in clumps. Phosphorus is prescribed for such situations.

6. Kali sulphuricum: as the name suggest, parts of this medicine is sulphur. It is available in liquid form and tablets as well. It should not be taken more than twice a day and should be discontinued after taking for a couple of weeks.

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