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Hemorrhoids - How Does It Increase The Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction?

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Hemorrhoids - How Does It Increase The Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Rarely do people ascribe Erectile Dysfunction to Hemorrhoids. Yet the correlation between the two is not far-fetched. Research has suggested that men who have suffered from Hemorrhoids in the last year are at an increased risk of developing Erectile Dysfunction. These two conditions are apparently incongruous. For someone suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, there is a lack of blood flow to the penis. For someone suffering from Hemorrhoids, there is swelling of veins inside the rectum.

Younger people are more at risk unlike most diseases like High blood pressure, Alzheimer’s diseases etc which are progressively more likely to occur in older men, this problem is more likely in younger than in older men. The study found that about 24.9% men under 40 years, who had been diagnosed with hemorrhoids in the last year, had suffered from Erectile Dysfunction. So the correlation is more prevalent in younger men than older men. According to the findings of the study, men aged 30 or less are more likely to experience Erectile Dysfunction after being diagnosed with Hemorrhoids in the last year. Moreover, men between the ages of 30-39 are twice more likely to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction if diagnosed with Hemorrhoids in the last year.

The correlation between age and likelihood of occurrence of Erectile Dysfunction due to Hemorrhoids is quite clear from these findings. The Apparent reason according to researchers in the study, localized swelling of varicose veins in the deep anus region may be responsible for some local irritation which can give rise to Erectile Dysfunction. Manage the Pain First Young men, who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, ostensibly arising out of the presence or history of Hemorrhoids in the past year, need to first manage the pain due to Hemorrhoids. Pain arising out of Hemorrhoids can be very difficult to put up with. A decrease in hemorrhoids pain can reduce the discomfort to some extent. Bleeding during bowel movement, intense pain during and after sitting, a feeling of itchiness or irritation near the anus etc are all indicators of hemorrhoids. If one has to habitually push hard during a bowel movement, he/she is more likely to suffer from Hemorrhoids, since the varicose veins can swell up during such hard pushing.

The solution to alleviate pain, one can use various topical solutions containing Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera. These are anti-inflammatory herbs. Most of the anti-hemorrhoid creams contain either of these two. Apart from using topical solutions, one needs to change his dietary habits. One should abstain from foods that upset the stomach and adopt foods that soften the stool. This can help one avoid straining while moving bowels and spare the varicose veins from being inflamed. One can also benefit by practicing anal breathing which exercises the PC muscles and the anal sphincter. This could benefit both Hemorrhoids and Erectile Dysfunction.

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