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Hello everyone!

I am Dr. Sonali Chaudhary working as an Integrative Dermatologist and Cosmetologist. I am working at Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre, Saket, New Delhi. Today I will be talking about hair. What are the concerns? What are the issues? and What are the treatment and management options that are available for hair? In hair we consider male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss. Generally, the male pattern hair loss starts from this sides and the female pattern hair loss starts from the midline.

There can be n number of causes starting from physical factors, chemical factors, sunlight, use of hair colours, use of chemical products that you use on your hair. To know the treatment for you we have to go to the root cause and that is what we do at Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre. We have a scan which tells about 34 minerals and metal toxicity deficiencies and normal levels in your body. Once we get the report which takes about less than 5 minutes, we correlate with the blood test which we have already done on your body and then we decide the treatment options available for you. So generally according to the levels of minerals and metals in your body we give you nutraceuticals.

After knowing the root cause we generally go to the treatment option. Step 1 is the Hair regime. We sort out the hair regime for you depending on if you have dandruff, hair shaft abnormalities and whatever the reason is. So we sort that out by giving you sulphate free shampoos and conditioners depending on everybody's hair type. Step 2 is PRP treatment. At Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre we do Ultra PRP treatment in which we can take your own blood and centrifuge and process it and we extract the best growth factors available in your own body. Since we are using your own blood so no chances of side effects or adverse effects there. Ultra PRP is the treatment for hair fall, hair thinning, hair shaft abnormality and even it can regrow new hair in your scalp.

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