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MBBS, MD (skin & VD)
Dermatologist, Faridabad  •  18 years experience
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Hello, Friends, I’m Dr Shruti Kohli. I am a consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist in Sector 8, Sarvodaya Hospital. My clinic is in 15/A by the name of Crimson clinic. I have an experience of twelve years in the field of Dermatology and Cosmetology. In today’s topic, I am going to give you some tips regarding hair care during the summer season.

Summer is the time to be extra caring towards your hair.

  • It is essential to cover your hair while going out during the summer season. This will protect your hair against the harmful affects of UV rays and also help retain moisture in the air.
  • Also, keeping your hair in a loose hairstyle works very well during the summer season as it prevents the accumulation of sweat and dust in your hair.
  • Avoid washing your hair too much during the summer season as excessive washing will also dry up your scalp and causes fizziness.
  • Don’t skip the conditioner. Opt for a mild conditioner after every wash and deep conditioning treatments with hot oil can be done once a week. Avoid heat treatments during the summer month as it dries the hair excessively.
  • Also blow drying is not recommended during this season. Adopt natural air dying.
  • Use a wide toothed comb to brush your hair rather than a simple brush because that will cause more breakage.
  • Summer months is the time for more split ends so it is recommended to trim your hair regularly in this period.
  • Once you’re done with applying sunscreen on your body it is recommended that you just roll on your fingers through the scalp hair so that the remaining sunscreen will give you some protection against your scalp. I
  • In case of swimming, it is always advisable to wet your hair before you get into the pool to prevent the chlorine from damaging your skin. Also do remember to take a shower post swimming to, again, remove the residual effects of chlorine on the scalp.
  • Your hair is also a reflection of your lifestyle which is why a balanced diet and a healthy exercise regime is very important for maintaining a healthy weight. In case you gain weight you are more prone to hormonal disturbances which in turn leads to a polycystic ovarian syndrome that also causes hair loss.

So it is recommended to have a healthy, balanced diet with fruits and vegetables. You should avoid junk food in your diet. The most important part is to remain stress-free because stress causes hormonal changes in your body which again, has an adverse effect on your hair.

Thank you.

In case you want to know more regarding any of your skin, cosmetic, or hair issues, you can consult me or take an appointment through Lybrate or contact me in my clinic in Sector 15/A, Crimson Clinic.

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