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Glowing Skin In Summers - 5 Ways You Can Keep It Healthy!

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Glowing Skin In Summers - 5 Ways You Can Keep It Healthy!

It is summer time and the scorching heat and humidity may make it feel impossible for one to glow but fear not as dermatologists have suggested ways to glow even if one has extra dry skin or oily pores. To begin with, it is very important to know what glowing really means. According to dermatologists, glowing skin is skin that is soft and moist and not dull, dry or flaky. A glowing skin is supposed to have soft pores, a clear skin without blemishes and an even complexion.

Here are 5 easy ways to achieve a glowing skin this summer.



  1. Stay hydrated: It is very important to drink water and stay hydrated. Drinking water has a lot of benefits. It improves the general health of the body and does a lot of good for the skin. It helps one to glow from within. Thus, drinking six to eight glasses of water in a day is a must. The water helps to clear the skin and make it glow by flushing out the toxins. Other than water, drinking fresh fruit juices or herbal tea and non-sugary drinks too help to revive the glow.
  2. Having knowledge about one's skin: It is important for one to know the type of skin one has whether oily, dry or combination. This can be found out by closely looking at the pores. Large pores indicate oily skin which needs a lot of astringents and retinoid to balance the oil production. Oily skin can be caused by hormonal changes which cause excessive sebum and enlarged pores. Dry and flaky skin, on the other hand, occurs due to lack of moisture or excessive use of products that dry the skin. Products which have retinoid or benzoyl peroxide is responsible for dry skin. Also, due to changes in the estrogen levels during menopause or the work environment which may be excessively dry, excessive air conditioning or lack of humidity dries out the skin. In this case, one needs to consult their dermatologist and opt for treatments or creams that can remove the layer of dead cells so that the skin may get the moisture it needs.
  3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables: To achieve a healthy glowing skin, eating fruits and vegetables is a must. Fruits add moisture to the skin. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and important vitamins which prevent the skin from becoming flaky and reduces dullness by removing brown spots.
  4. Use products that contain ceramides: Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids in the lipid barrier of the cell membrane. Ceramides are important components that help to keep the skin hydrated.
  5. Try Tropical Retinoid: Retinoids help to increase the turnover of cells which results in replacing the dead skin cells and allows the young, plum cells to absorb moisture and reduce dark spots.

Other than these methods, it is important to maintain a balanced diet, maintain a good skincare routine and exercise daily. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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