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Glaucoma -- The Silent Thief of Eyesight

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Ophthalmologist, Thane  •  33 years experience
Glaucoma -- The Silent Thief of Eyesight

Glaucoma -- The Silent Thief of Eyesight

Glaucoma or "Kala Moti" is often an ignored disease as in many cases it does not cause redness ,pain or watering of eyes but the vision decreases gradually and, most importantly , irreversibly !!

Due to its irreversible nature , early detection is vital . All those above fifty and especially those with a blood relative having Glaucoma , should go for regular eye checkups with an eye doctor. A check up in an eye clinic includes an "eye pressure" measurement. Often this pressure is raised in Glaucoma. Also the eye doctor will take a look at your optic nerve to see if it is showing any signs of glaucoma damage.

All suspicious cases are subjected to two important tests. First is Perimetry where we asses the side vision or field of vision which is first to be affected in early Glaucoma.Second is an OCT which scans the retina of the eye and measures the actual loss of nerve fibre layer.

If detected early Glaucoma can be well controlled with regular use of eye drops. If the reduction in eye pressure is inadequate with eye drops then we have the options of Laser or finally Anti Glaucoma Surgery.

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