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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

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I am Dr. Mandeep Singh Malhotra, Breast Oncosurgeon. There are 2 aspects. One is oncoplasty and another is a dedicated breast screening program. We see how to prevent breast cancer. First I will talk about oncoplasty. It is a technique for breast cancer resection and breast reconstruction. So, we have a very large experience in this part of the treatment. For breast preservation surgery, breast cancer or mastectomy, reconstruction for breast cancer. A woman goes with breast cancer and when it is detected, we reconstruct the breast at the same time. We are also specialized in post-mastectomy reconstruction. All the women who are free from breast cancer and if they want to have a breast pad, they can definitely use our services. Another thing is the breast cancer screening program which is one of the very unique. In this, we are motivating the women to go for breast examination.

This is important to identify the early lesions. Ultrasound and nanography are done. So, we expect to detect breast cancer at an early stage so that we can increase the survival rate. The problem in India, especially in Delhi/NCR, 1 in 20 women is having the risk of breast cancer. 40-45 is the peak age to get breast cancer. So, we need to do something to catch earlier. So, we are motivating women to check and get their breast examined. So, I would say to the women between the age of 25-60 to come and avail our services. Get yourself checked for any breast lesions. Get your ultrasound done if you are less than 40 and if you are more than 40, get a mammogram done.

Thank You.

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