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USG Scan - Sono Mammo Test

USG Scan - Sono Mammo Test

Sonomammography is a thorough checkup of the breasts in order to assess their health and evaluate the amount of blood flow inside them. It allows a visualization of the breast tissue in order to examine them thoroughly. A sonomammography is usually performed in conjunction with a mammography in order to study a lump or a mass in the breast tissue. The first stage of breast screening is called a mammogram. A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray of each breast used to identify tumors and other abnormalities.. Early detection also helps in improving the chances of survival.

Informing the doctor about menstrual cycle would help the doctor to reschedule the sonomammography test. During menstrual cycle the breasts will be in their tender state, hence avoid doing this test during menstrual cycle. If the patient’s breast is tender in general, then they will be advised to stop taking caffine, cola, tea and chocolate two weeks prior to the test. Do not use lotions or deodorants on the day of the test.

This test is performed to check whether there is a lump or mass formed in the breast area or under armpits. This is a non invasive, hassle free, and painless test. It is also inexpensive, when compared to other tests used to examine the breasts and effective too.

The Patient will be asked to remove their dress till waist and will be advised to lie on the examination table. A radiologist applies gel in and around the patient’s breast area at first. Then, using a linear and high frequency probe covers the whole breast area along with armpits to check for formation of any lumps or mass. After the whole area is covered, the gel is wiped off.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.700 to Rs.1100 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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