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3T MRI Scan - Mammogram Test

3T MRI Scan - Mammogram Test

The MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is a state of the art technique to view details of internal body parts. The MRI scanner produces strong magnetic field and radio waves to view any abnormality in the internal body parts. In MRI scanners, Tesla (T) is the unit for determining how powerful the magnetic field is. The 3T MRI mammogram is unconditionally the best method in detecting and diagnosing breast cancer in women. It is an excellent screening test for palpable breast masses. Self-examination and physical examination by the doctor is non-conclusive.

The 3T MRI mammogram does not require any special preparation. Prior to the MRI scan, visit your doctor/radiologist to discuss symptoms and your health condition. Mention if you are claustrophobic. The doctor/radiologist may prescribe medication if needed.

Malignant palpable breast mass absorbs and releases the contrast agent quite fast as compared to benign palpable breast mass. This is because of damaged blood vessels and angiogenesis. All this is easily visible in the 3D CAD aided scan image. Pre-operative stage can be analysed. Line of treatment is evaluated and in certain cases, mastectomy is prevented. Women with high risk of breast cancer are easily screened.

The 3T MRI mammogram is safe and painless. The scan does not use X-ray radiation. Sometimes, a questionnaire form is required to be filled giving your medical details. The scan takes less than 45 minutes. It is recommended that you remove jewellery, wrist watch and other valuables before the 3T MRI mammogram. You will be made to wear a hospital gown. The technologist will help you to lie on a flatbed with head first and face down. Ear plugs will be provided to ward off mild noises like clicking, humming and knocking. The flatbed gradually slides into the 3T MRI scanner. It is important that you lie still during scanning for good quality imaging. Though you are inside the scanner, the technologist can see and hear you all the time. In fact, an emergency device is provided for drawing the technologist’s attention at any time. At first, pre-contrast agent images are taken. As per the radiologist’s instruction, the technologist may inject a gadolinium contrast agent (dye). The dye helps to provide more information about angiogenesis, if any history of breast tumour. High quality 3D CAD aided images appear on the computer screen which is connected to the scanner.

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