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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Facial Rejuvenation

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Dr. Anubhav GuptaCosmetic/Plastic Surgeon • 24 Years Exp.DNB, MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MS - Plastic Surgery, MBBS

Hello friends!

I’m Dr. Anubhav Gupta and I m a consultant plastic surgeon. Working at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Today I’m going to talk about a very common condition which is the treatment and surgical treatment of age-related changes in the face or surgical facial rejuvenation. Now as we are all aware that as we grow old the changes in the skin like wrinkles, depression, and sagging of skin starts appearing. Many creams have been advised. Lots of people use creams but today I’m going to talk about surgical part which involves that. There are many surgical procedures which we can do which can actually make the skin tighter and make the person look younger. These procedures are like procedure like facelift, fat grafting, neck lift then forehead lift, brow lift then blepharoplasty. All these procedures are there is a combination of these procedures which use to may be knock out 10 to 15 years of age from a person age. Now the question which comes to us is what exactly are these procedures? Basically what happen as we grow old is that there are 2 or 3 changes which take place in skin of our face as well as underline tissues of our face. The skin becomes loose an d it starts sagging i.e. number one, then there is some redistribution of fat because of the laxity of various ligaments which are holding the fat so fat also start sagging. So these are the two major changes which take place. Now the premise of these procedures which we do is number one is we remove the excess skin e.g. if there is a loose skin we tighten the skin and we remove the excess skin which is common procedure called face-lifting. Now face-lift can be a conventional, full face lift, then there is a mid-face lift, there is a partial mini face lift so there are many types of face lifts are there. Then there are procedures like lags for lag skin there is a neck lift. Similarly lags forehead we have forehead lift and then we have eyelids for that we have blepharoplasty. So it is by a judicious understanding and choice. We decide which procedure to do in which patient. Now the next question which comes to our mind is how early can the patient go back to join his work? Usually when we do these procedures it takes 4-5 days for the swelling to subside and usually by 7 to 10 days the person can go back to resume his/her work. Finally if you were to ask me any tips for not letting us grow old and how can we prevent going old? Well from plastic surgeon point of view it’s very difficult to reverse the process because once it started you are aging and so there its going to happen the only thing that I feel and I strongly recommend is that sunlight is not good for your skin so direct sunlight exposure should be avoided. Then as the various naturopathies have described, plenty of water, wash your face number of times with mild soaps and drink plenty of fluids and seasonal fruits. These are the simple basic things if we do and avoiding sunlight can prevent damage to the skin.

Thank you!


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