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Eyelid Surgery - Using Eyelid Spacer Grafts

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Eyelid Surgery - Using Eyelid Spacer Grafts

Eyelid spacer grafts are widely used by cosmetic surgeons for treating abnormalities in the lower eyelid. Spacer grafts are surgically used for tectonic support. Spacer grafts are scientific and the technology used helps in virally inactivating tissues, and also in the preservation and sterilization of tissues. They are immunologically and biologically safe. Eyelid spacer grafts are commonly used after undergoing a blepharoplasty surgery of the eyelids

When are eyelid spacer grafts used?
Many people have puffy and fat eyelids. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery, which effectively cures such disorders. The process involves removal of extra fat and skin from the lower eyelids and trimming of excess skin. Eyelid retraction is another condition pertaining to the eyelids, where the eyelids look like they have been pulled down. This condition arises from the removal of too much skin during blepharoplasty. Loose ligament support and excess scarring in the eyelids also lead to eyelid retraction. When this condition does not cease in the post- operational period, eyelid spacer grafts may be used.

Benefits of eyelid spacer grafts

  • Eyelid spacer grafts are effective and helpful in a large number of conditions. The major benefit of spacer grafts is to repair lowered eye retraction after carrying out a blepharoplasty surgery.
  • The eyelids are lengthened vertically as a result of using eyelid spacer grafts. This helps in better closure of the lids and also reduces eye irritation in patients.
  • The eyelids are made to look more natural when they are in resting position. Spacer grafts are placed at the back of an eyelid. Thus, they are not visible from the outside.
  • The recovery time after using eyelid spacer grafts is almost the same as most eyelid surgeries in general. The results are usually very effective.
  • Eyelid space grafters are not the only ones used for repairing eyelid retraction, but these are certainly one of the most efficient ones. They give proper support to the lower eyelid, which is required for the proper closure of the eyelids and maintain proper eyelid positioning after a blepharoplasty surgery.
  • Eyelid spacer grafts ensure permanent cure of eyelid retraction, and it is unlikely that this disorder will occur again after eyelid spacer grafts have been used.
  • Eyelid spacer grafts have proven to be one of the best remedies for eyelid retraction, which many people experience after having a blepharoplasty surgery. There are different types of eyelid spacer grafts that will be recommended by your surgeon to correct eyelid retraction, depending on your case. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a cosmetic physician.
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