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7 Best Masturbation Positions for Men - Creative Positions

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7 Best Masturbation Positions for Men - Creative Positions

Although the results vary, numerous surveys have proven that most men masturbate. A recent one found that 96% of men admitted to masturbating; the only thing surprising here is that the answer is not 100%. The survey also found that its respondents said they masturbate, on average, 4 times per week. That's a lot of time spent on masturbation, which is perfectly fine; masturbation is an enjoyable way to spend some time and helps with penis health by keeping the equipment in good shape.

But if a guy does spend a lot of time with his masturbation, it means he may get a little bored. If that happens, it may mean it's time for a guy to switch things up a little to make the experience fresh again. One way to do that is to explore some different positions for masturbation for men.

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Best Male Masturbation Positions For Pleasure

Humans are creatures of habit; as a species, we tend to like the familiar. But at the same time, we can get bored if things become too familiar - so switching up masturbation positions is very logical. Starting with the basics, here are some positions a guy can try these masturbate positions or techniques to add variety to their self-stimulation.

  1. Lying on the back. One of the favorites  Masturbate positions of men, this classic allows plenty of room for movement and is comfortable as well. It's an especially good position for men who enjoy masturbating to mental fantasies; closing their eyes in this prone position can often enhance the intensity of the fantasy.
  2. Sitting in a chair. Always popular, this is probably the masturbate position of choice among men who surf online porn while masturbating. For many men, masturbating with their legs spread allows the penis and balls to flop around in a pleasing way.
  3. Standing Up Masturbation Positions. This masturbates position for men can be tiring when engaging in marathon masturbation sessions, standing up gives a session a sense of freedom. With the body in contact with nothing except the floor, there's a different feeling with this position; plus, it allows mobility, as a guy can walk around while stroking.
  4. Lying face down: In this  Male Masturbation technique, first, you need to Lying on the stomach and start rubbing the penis against the bedsheets or a pillow, thrusting in a manner that imitates intercourse. Some also prefer to thrust in and out of their fist in this position.
  5. Using an ottoman. An ottoman - which is like a backless chair - can enable a guy to try a very different position. Sit on the ottoman with legs out, then bend backward so until the head is on the floor. In this masturbation, the technique resembles an arch, with the penis at the top of the arch. The position can be hard on the back, so take care with this one and don't use it for too long a time.
  6. Kneeling Masturbation Techniques:  Kneeling gives a guy a different perspective, which can help when he's changing up his masturbation game. Some guys also bend over while kneeling so that they're on all fours, then raise one hand and use it to masturbate from this position.
  7. Upside down Masturbation Positions: Although not recommended for those with flexibility issues, this masturbation position can really shake things up. For this, a guy should lie on his back with his knees pulled in and his butt against a wall. He walks his legs up the wall, then raises his butt and pushes himself closer to the wall. Ideally, only the upper half of his torso and his head will remain on the floor. Warning: Masturbation in this position may mean that his ejaculate may land on his face.

These are some best masturbation positions for men for livening things up, but to be best prepared, a man should regularly use superior penis health crè me (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Since enthusiastic masturbation can lead to a raw penis, the selected crè I needs to include moisturizers like vitamin E and Shea butter. It should also contain vitamin C, which helps to promote greater tone and elasticity in penis skin.

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