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Even A Caregiver Needs To Be Taken Care Of - Ensuring Mommy's Health On Mother's Day!

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Even A Caregiver Needs To Be Taken Care Of - Ensuring Mommy's Health On Mother's Day!

Mothers are nature’s original, and finest, caregivers. From parents to spouse to children to in-laws to extended family to yes, sometimes even neighbors, mothers come factory-fitted with caretaking skills that make sure everyone has well looked after. Which makes Mother’s Day the perfect opportunity to turn all that loving attention back to where it belongs, moms. Here are some ideas to ensure that mothers are taken care of, not just on the 12th of May i.e. the day we celebrate as Mother’s Day this year but all year long.

  1. A health check-up: Mothers, especially those past 35, are prone to health issues like anemia i.e shortage of hemoglobin in the blood, which can cause weakness, osteoporosis which is the deficiency of calcium & vitamin D, that can cause brittle bones, weight gain, breast cancer and mood swings., etc. An annual check-up package comprising routine examinations and visits to the doctor is a great way to keep a watchful eye on their well-being.
  2. Regular exercise: While most mothers get a certain amount of ‘workout’ naturally as they go about their daily chores, that’s usually not enough. Family members must, therefore, ensure that mothers don’t skip their daily dose of exercise. This can be anything from a morning or evening walk to yoga to a gym regimen.
  3. A helping hand: While a mother will never confess it, even she needs a break. After all, she works tirelessly all day and has a right to feel exhausted once in a while. It is the responsibility of family members to take responsibility for the homework of a mother’s list. Apart from refreshing her, this will allow her the opportunity to explore hobbies, spend quality time with the family and catch up with friends.
  4. A patient ear: Perhaps what a mother needs the most is a friend or a confidant. An emotional support for the highs and lows they go through every day. While daughters are best suited for this role, anyone close to a mother can make an effort to be supportive and understanding. Respecting her opinions and choices, hearty conversations and a patient ear can make a mother smile with joy, and glow with happiness.

Mothers are heaven’s gift to us. This Mother’s Day, let’s gift her something in return. One that says “Thank you for taking care of me”. Let’s take care of mom’s health. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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