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Ear ache (Ear Pain)

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Hello friends, myself Dr Rahul Bhargava I am a consultant ENT at M.G.Hospital and I have a clinic in Rohini sector 15. Today through this medium, I am going to talk about a very common problem in children and adults that is an earache or the pain in the ear. The pain in the ear can be due to local causes in the ear or it can be due to referred causes where the problem lies somewhere else and it is presented as pain in the ear. The common causes of an earache is especially in children is Otitis Media with effusion, which is water into the ear, otitis effusion which is the infection of the external part of the ear, Acute Suppurative Otitis Media which is the formation of pus behind the tympanic memory, a forum body or impacted earwax, these are few common problems which can lead to an earache and can be very troublesome in children. A forum body needs to remove as soon as it is detected, if you have impacted earwax and it is causing a problem then it needs to go. If you have acute suppurative otitis media there which is the inflammation and the pus behind tympanic memory then the usual cause lies in the nose. So we have to treat both the nose and the ear to solve the problem and prevent such frequent episode in the later on. Otitis media effusion is the very important cause of an earache in children it also leads to hearing difficulty and leads to developmental problems in children. The adenoid hypertrophy is a very usual cause which leads to otitis media with effusion and we need to tackle also along with an earache. The other important causes are the referred causes where the problem lies either in the temporomandibular joint which is the joint just in front of the ear or in the throat any infection in the throat or any problem in the throat can give rise to pain in the ear. So this is a very important topic we need to handle it very carefully and you can contact me if you have such problem. Thank you.

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