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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Drug Rashes and How To Combat Them

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Dr. Amit SethDermatologist • 29 Years Exp.MD, MBBS
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Drug rashes are generally defined as the reaction of the body to certain kinds of diseases. Different drugs result in different kinds of diseases which sometimes are as dangerous as being life-threatening. There are different types of drug rashes. They can manifest in different forms. Common ones are:

  1. Blisters and swelling: Many drugs result in acute blisters and swelling in different parts of the body. This condition, if unchecked, may aggravate, leading to dangerous consequences.
  2. Prolonged high fever: Continuous rise in fever is often diagnosed as a serious consequence of certain drugs.
  3. Abnormal redness of the skin: Few medicines often result in sudden reddening of the skin. This condition continues till the drug is discontinued.
  4. Rash and itching: This is considered as one of the most common side-effects of medicines. Often medicines result in continuous itching and rashes on the skin that also causes swelling, if unchecked.
  5. Swelling of tissues: Tissues often swell up as a result of consumption of certain medicines. Consequently, the concerned person experiences problems in breathing and often a drastic fall in blood pressure.

However, there are ways that one can adopt in order to combat drug rashes.

  1. Identify and discontinue the drug: One of the most essential ways of combating drug rashes is to identify the drug and immediately discontinue its consumption.
  2. Avoid using chemicals: One way of easy recuperation is to avoid using chemicals, soaps on the affected areas. If continued to use, they aggravate the already caused damage. On the other hand, Calamine can be used for treating drugs.
  3. Wear loose-fitting clothes: Wearing tight clothes that sticks to the body further damages the skin. Instead, one should try to wear loose-fitted clothes that allow the skin to heal.
  4. Apply cool compresses: Taking cool showers or applying cool compresses over the affected areas significantly help to recuperate fast.

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