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Diwali Special - Tips To Help You Maintain Your Skin & Health!

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Diwali Special - Tips To Help You Maintain Your Skin & Health!

Diwali is a great time for family reunion. Festivities, fun and frolic rule the atmosphere. Amidst all kinds of pujas and other rituals, bursting crackers happens to be an integral part of it. This not only pollutes the atmosphere, but also affects the health of the people. Bursting crackers leads to the release of heavy metals like potassium chlorate, arsenic sulphite, sulphur, aluminium and copper into the air. This results in the deposition of high levels of residual particulate matter or RPM and suspended particulate matter or SPM. These things emanating from the crackers are responsible for allergies. Many problems in the skin may start occurring and may even result in medical hazards.

In order to take care of your skin and avoid any kind of serious allergy or skin problem, follow these steps:

  1. Crackers and fireworks should always be handled with care. They have many chemical components like charcoal, sulphur and potassium nitrate present in them. Also, they have substances which emits bright and colorful light. Those who are vulnerable to allergies such as running nose, skin rashes and itching should not be exposed too much to the crackers as they contain substances which are harsh to the skin. The best way to stay safe is to avoid contact.
  2. One should always wear loose and baggy clothes. In case of skin allergy due to crackers, the situation may worsen if tight clothes are worn. They can further aggravate the rashes. A cool compress or a shower is the best way to get relief from a rash, which is itching or burning like fire. Then it has to be patted dry and moisturized.
  3. Colloidal oatmeal or oatmeal powder, when mixed with water can bring great relief for inflammation. But lukewarm water should be used for better results. Anti-itch cream like hydrocortisone or calamine lotion should always be kept handy.
  4. In case the symptoms are too severe, and a doctor is not available immediately damp dressing is the best solution. A soft cotton piece of cloth should be soaked in water. It should be then wrung out and used to cover the affected area or the whole body.

All the above-mentioned methods are good ways to take care of skin allergies during Diwali. However, there might be some skin problems which do not go on their own. In those cases, the help of a doctor is the ultimate solution. Consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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