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Difference Between Child Psychologist And A Health Therapist!

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Difference Between Child Psychologist And A Health Therapist!

Mental health concerns are the norm of the day and nowadays our society is coming out of the self-imposed grasps and openly seeking medical attention for such mental health issues. This is getting even more common from the children level as they are prone to many such conditions at the early stages of life. But how do we choose the right therapist for your child? Do we look for a therapist in the first place or do we have to look at a child psychologist first? Though there are many similarities between a child psychologist and a health therapist there are many vital differences too. Let us try to answer your concerns here.

Therapists and psychologists are different types of doctors trained to help you out with mental health issues. However, the similarity ends there as each one's approach is different.

The Differences
To start with, Child Psychologists are not exactly doctors but they do have a doctorate in the behavioral patterns and human behavior. Psychiatrists or therapists are on the other hand trained doctors in the field of psychiatry or in the chosen field. Psychiatrists can prescribe medication whereas a Child Psychologists in most cases would not and would refer the patient to a therapist for medications.

The Approach
Both the therapist and psychologists are trained to practice psychotherapy – the way to talk with their patients to bring out the issues. Child Psychologists mostly look for behavioral patterns and judge the patient whereas a therapist would look at a medical angel to your problem. Child Psychologists also look at your eating patterns, negative thoughts and your behavior at school to judge you. Therapists look for a diagnosis based on medical tests and evaluations. Psychiatrists often prescribe you medicine.

Whom To Approach:
One possible advantage of approaching a psychiatrist is that he or she has more knowledge about the medical field and is compatible enough to prescribe medications. Also if your medical issue is serious then it would be better to take a help of a therapist/health therapist as they have formal medical training and treatment options can be had immediately. Go for Psychologists only if you need an opinion or if you want to discuss a health issue and if you want to be more knowledgeable about your condition.

Also, therapists suggest drugs and medications that have to do away with depression and other areas related to your brain. In many cases, people can get addicted to it - Especially kids. If you are averse to such cases then psychologists would be the safest option for you and your kids

Either way, if your child is showing symptoms of abnormal behavior or his/her health patterns are getting complicated, seek a child specialist first. A children specialist would be the best person to understand the crisis and suggest whether to go for a child psychologists or a therapist depending upon the situation.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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