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Diagnosis and Treatment for Glaucoma

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Diagnosis and Treatment for Glaucoma

Glaucoma: An Overview
This disease can be developed or inherited; it usually refers to the accumulation of fluid inside a person's eyes leading to excessive pressure on his or her optic nerve.

How to Diagnose the Symptoms of Glaucoma:

  1. A Fundamental Eye Examination: An experienced eye doctor will check the dilated pupils of your eyes so as to take a closer look at the optic nerve that further discerns the stage of glaucoma a patient is in. Doctors tend to keep track on the sequential progression of glaucoma and its specific mode of treatment through pictures of the optic nerve taken during an examination. 
  2. Tonometry may also be performed: Signs of Glaucoma may be spotted through the procedure called tonometry where the doctor will test a person's eye pressure and so on so forth. A visual field test might also be conducted to check if the patient can see things at the periphery of his line of vision.  

Symptoms that will help a doctor identify this condition in people:

  1. A loss of peripheral vision is experienced in the early stages of glaucoma.
  2. A person may see halos when in the presence of bright lights.
  3. Your eyes could turn red.
  4. Hazy or blurry vision is a problem faced by young children affected with glaucoma.
  5. Glaucoma could be accompanied by headaches and eye pain.
  6. An affected person might repeatedly feel nauseous.

Ways to Treat Glaucoma:

  1. Microsurgery can effectively treat Glaucoma: Microsurgery can be performed in various ways. There is one way in which a channel is made to pump out the fluid creating extra pressure on the optic nerve. This method is referred to as trabeculectomy. 
  2. Eye Drops: Eye drops can relieve you from painful glaucoma. They are known to control the formation of excess fluid in a person's eye. In some cases, they can induce the accumulating fluid to flow out of the patient's eyes. 
  3. Laser Treatment: Laser surgeries can be undertaken to get rid of glaucoma. Laser can help in moving out fluid from the eyes of the affected person. It successfully hinders fluid blockage as well. There are different kinds of laser treatments available to cure glaucoma.
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