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Dental Implants- Closest Match To Your Lost Tooth/ Teeth

Dr. Deepak Dhapekar 90% (184 ratings)
Dentist, Pune  •  17 years experience
Dental Implants- Closest Match To Your Lost Tooth/ Teeth

Dental Implants:

We all are prone to lose our teeth at some point of time..Sometimes in young age due to periodontal disease we lose our tooth/ teeth. Once we lose it has to be replaced within specific time period. We have discussed this in our earlier blog
Timely decisions not only save your time and money but also the outcome of the treatment becomes more predictable. After tooth removal always follow-up with the doctor for the replacement options which are best suitable for you. Teeth can be replaced by various means as removable dentures, fixed bridge etc.Dental implant is the most natural way to replace teeth. It has numerous advantages over the traditional dentures and bridge that are used to replace the teeth.

Why Implants?

Dental bridge and acrylic dentures needs support from the adjacent teeth or gums. This needs the trimming of healthy adjacent teeth to gain support for bridge or dentures.
It has been proved that bone under dental bridges losses faster than in case of implants. Bone loss can create a gap between bridge margin and gums. This causes food entrapment in the space. Dental implant mimics the replacement as a natural tooth and maintains the blood supply of the jaw bone.
Dental Implants restore the chewing functions far better than those of conventional dentures. It doesn’t have bulky dental flanges as in other dentures so they are quite comfortable with greater acceptance.

How Long It Will Last?

They Are For Your Rest Of Life! Yes it is true.
Dental implants are made  of pure titanium which is a biocompatible material. If placed properly with experienced hands and with nice post operative care they can last for your rest of life. Accidents or any major bone disease are the exceptions.

Am I Too Old To Get Implants In My Mouth?

With lots of research it has been proved that the elderly patients even in their 80s can have successful implant placement in long run. They improve their nutrition by regaining their chewing abilities as they were when natural teeth were present. It improves their quality and longevity of life.

Cost Effective Test.

It is a myth that the implants are costly in fact on a contrary they are very pocket friendly in long run. A implant with regular follow-up and proper hygiene maintenance it can last for your entire life. Bridge or other denture needs replacement depending on the quality used. So, repeated replacements incur additional cost in long run. At times cavitations starts under the crown and you may have to loose your additional teeth making it more costly. Being made of titanium there are no chances of cavity formation in case of dental implants.

Single Tooth And Full Mouth Implants

Implant can replace the single fallen tooth or it can replace your complete set of tooth. Replacing the single tooth requires the tooth trimming of neighboring tooth to gain support whereas in implants there is no need of support from the adjacent teeth. Implants are placed in bone and get its required support from the jaw bones.
The number of implant which is required to replace the teeth depends on the quality of bone you have.

Earlier The Better

Once we lose the tooth the maximum amount of bone we lose naturally due to no activity is more in 1st year. An implant makes the bone active and helps in maintaining the bone in healthy state. In some cases it is possible now to place the implant on the same visit scheduled for removing of the tooth.

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