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Diploma In Diet & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi  •  5years experience
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Hello everyone,

I am Dt. Divita and I have been and I have been in this field of nutrition and health from past 3 years now. And in these 3 specific years, I have heard a lot of complaints from my patients about being constipated. And I know this is very less talked in topic about constipation. It is not talked much about but it is really really important to talk about it because it is a chronic disease, it is a very very big disease, a lot of people are going through. And this constipation is a chronic disease which occurs with lifestyle, with heredity you know but in general, if you have this one, you cannot say that I am constipated by just not passing stool for one or two days. You can be constipated if you have this problem from for months and it is the main root cause of being an unhealthy gut. Gut is basically gastrointestinal tract that is your main digestion system which helps you digest the food and gets it you know all the nutrients out of it.

So, I am sure you might have heard a lot of remedies to resolve this chronic disease called constipation that might include having milk at night, eating papaya at night or in the morning to you know to get this constipation release or maybe having aloe vera water in the morning, having ajwain water to resolve this. There is a lot of numbers of remedies one can follow to resolve this constipation but it totally depends on your metabolism and immunity which specific remedy is going to help you out. But being a nutritionist, I am going to help you about what all eating habits you can include, what all eating patterns you can adapt to resolve this problem. So first talking about this fibre intake you should have per day. You should at least have 30-35 grams of fibre per day depending on your age, your gender it totally depends on what lifestyle you are in but at least 30 grams of fibre you should have.

Fibre could be in wheat bran, oats, whole grains, lentils, fruits, vegetable, apples many of the things that you can have in the market but I am not suggesting you to have any supplements or any medicines to resolve your constipation. You should always rely on natural food and here you can resolve this problem with having a high amount of fibre, including more fibre in your diet, have oats. So, the second point would be that one should have a lot and a lot of water. It's not really specific that how much amount of water you should have. Of course, there is a saying that you should at least have 8 to 11 glasses of water per day. Yes, you should but try and exceed that, go for 2 liters, 3 litres, 4 litres any amount of water that is suitable for you which will help you go to increase your urination, to increase your stool movement, to increase your bowel movement basically. That is really really important to have a number of glasses of water in a day.

Don't consider coconut water or edible what do you know the numbert of water fruits and vegetables have, don't consider that. Just consider the glass of water that you are having per day that is really important. So, this would be your second point. And the third point would be completely completely go off frozen foods, canned foods and these marketed packed foods and juices and everything you should al, you completely should omit this from your diet. And this will help you a lot to you know to help your gut with this. Try and include more and more of probiotics in your diet which will help you resolve this problem, which will help your gut to work faster and by saying probiotics there are a lot of products that are coming in the market by the name of the probiotics; probiotic curds, probiotic drinks and of course this yakult is really really helpful to have to relieve this constipation problem. So, I hope this will be helpful for you and I am nutritionist Divita.

Thank you!

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