Complications In Pregnancy

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Hi All,

Myself Dr. Vandana Singh, gynaecologist, working at The Women Clinic, Noida. Today I will talk about the common complications of pregnancy i.e. known as intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. In 3rd trimester, after 28-29 weeks, woman has the complaint of itching all over the body especially in the night. She should tell the same to her doctor and go for a liver function test. This is a very common problem because our food is oily, spicy. The condition is significant because it also affects to the fetus and mother both. The doctor will prescribe you medicines and avoid such kind of foods. Start eating boiled food. If you do not get it treated then it may create a problem in your life.

In this blood enzyme level increases. And at the time of the delivery bleeding may occur at a very high volume. And it can lead to a life threatening problem. Is condition me apki jaan ka khtra bhi ho skta hai. Isme parhej bhi apko bhut jyada krna pdta hai. Is condition me bache ko bhi problem ho skti hai and baby apke andar hi waste discharge krta hai and iski vjha se bahe ki jaan ko bhi khtra ho skta hai. Agar apko khujli jaisi koi problem hai to use chupayein na. Isko doctor ko btayein jis se iska actual cause pta chale or treatment dia ja ske. Agar aap pregnancy se related koi baat janna chahte hain to aap mujhse hmare clinic pe consult kar skte hain.


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