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Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Clinic

Written and reviewed by
Dr. Akhilendra Singh 90% (116 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology
Dermatologist, Gurgaon  •  13 years experience
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The importance of selecting the right Hair Transplant clinic and the parameters to decide

Hello! I am Doctor Akhilendra Singh, consultant hair transplant surgeon at APS Clinic. I am MD from PGI Chandigarh and member of Association of hair Restoration surgeon in India. Today I will discuss about how to choose a good hair transplant center?

Since nowadays a lot of centers run by non-medical professionals are mushrooming. So it is very difficult for the patient’s point of view to choose a good hair transplant center. And I will elaborate the points and they will be helpful for the patients is zero downing a good hair transplant center.

First and foremost for hair transplant consultations the patient should visit a center where he can consult with the operating surgeon himself and not in a salon or some self-proclaimed cosmetic centers which are run by non-medical professionals and consultation run by marketing a staff. Marketing a staff’s main motive is to sell hair transplant like any other product and they cannot guide properly because they themselves are not doctors Secondly for hair transplant the patient should look for basic infrastructure in the clinic like a proper dedicated OT and provision for sterilization. It is a surgery and it cannot be done by homeopathic or ayurvedi or Unani doctors, because they are not trained for any surgery.

Hair transplant is a minor surgery but requires a major artistry in order to provide a very natural result. Since it is a time consuming surgery, so it requires a lot of patience from the doctor and its team and from patient as well. Time consuming doesn't mean that there is any pain or discomfort, so hair transplant surgery should be without any pain or without any discomfort and the patient should be able to start and resume his normal day to day activity from the very next day and it is possible only when it is performed by an experienced hair transplant surgeon. While choosing hair transplant center patient should be smart enough, he should use his mind and he should not be lured by marketing gimmick like robotic hair transplant, very lucrative offers, or unlimited hair transplant.

In hair transplant surgery we need to extract the hair from the back side of the head and transplant on the bald zone, so donor area is limited and nothing is called unlimited hair transplant. Now coming to the complications or any side effect during the hair transplant. Since hair transplant is a surgery so we order few routine blood investigations before the surgery like blood sugar level hemogram...etc to avoid any complication. After all hair transplant is a surgery so center should be well equipped to take care of any emergency, though emergencies are very rare, but it may happen.

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