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Choosing a Donor for Uterus Transplant: How Does The Process Work?

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Dr. Rita Bakshi 91% (2903 ratings)
MBBS, DGO, MD, Fellowship in Gynae Oncology
IVF Specialist, Delhi  •  36 years experience
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I am Dr Rita Bakshi, chairperson of international fertility centre situated in Green Park, New Delhi. I have been in this field of fertility of for last 18 years and I have look at couples from all over the world. Let me tell you couples from Africa, Ethiopia ,Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, America, UK, Canada, Brazil name it and I seen it all. The important part is that today I am going to talk on Donor services, yes if somebody decides to have a baby there is no way one cannot have because there are only 3 big players in the field of fertility. The sperms from a man, egg from a woman and a uterus of where the pregnancy will thrive. In case a man does not have sperm at all, even after doing a PISA or a TISA then donors sperm is available. A frozen sperm which has been frozen for at least minimum 3 months tested for HIV, VDRL, HCV, hbs antigen, his height, weight, colour, physical characteristics educational statics all known sperm is available. In case the egg of a women, a women of 43, 44, 45 and has finished her egg cycle, that means there are no viable eggs left or in cases of premature ovarian failure or in cases of ovarian cyst removal or you know, whichever way even in a defective egg, egg donors are available. When they are young girls who from 21 years onwards who donate eggs again there educational status, the physical characteristics are known and the eggs can be matched to the woman who is going to receive the egg. So in case the man sperm is good but its wife eggs are not good they can take help of a donor egg, fertilized make the embryo the baby of outside and then put it inside his wife, for the pregnancy to thrive in the women's belly. In case the uterus has been destroyed because of multiple fibroids, tuberculosis, asherman's syndrome or she born without a uterus as in Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome. Then her answer is to have a uterus replacement, a uterus replacement means a surrogate woman who can harbour the pregnancy. Now the men and women egg and sperms are good then it is there genetic baby created outside and put inside the surrogate woman, surrogate women who are ready to do this process either because of altruistic reason or because of commercial reason but they are willing to harbour the pregnancy for 9,10 months and then give them the baby. The advantage in cases of surrogacy in their lower at the moment is that the birth certificate is in the name of the parents of the commissioning parents, of the intending parents and do not have the name of the surrogate anywhere. Therefore there is birth certificate which is in the name of parents and the baby is given as soon as it is born to the parents, so they get a zero day baby in their arms. These are the services the donor egg, the donor sperm or the donor uterus of surrogate as it is called which are freely available. Therefore I believe anybody who like to get pregnant or would like to have a baby, there are so many options available who would like everybody to make good use of it. Thank you so much.

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