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Chemical Peels - How To Maintain A Clear & Youthful Skin?

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Chemical Peels - How To Maintain A Clear & Youthful Skin?

A chemical peel is a quick, safe and easy option to immediately make your skin look refreshed and glowy. In this treatment, your dermatologist applies one of several available medicinal solutions on the surface of your skin. This coat of solution and sometimes several coats of the solution, are monitored very carefully and then neutralized and washed off within just a few minutes. Peels are generally performed for the face but can also be used for the hands, arms, shoulders or back. Peels can vary from mild, medium to strong and can be of a variety of compositions.

The peeling action on your skin not only improves the feel, look and texture of your skin but is also very useful for:

- Reducing acne and acne scars

- Reducing dark patches of melasma.

- Reducing age spots and freckles.

- Reducing fine lines and wrinkles

- Improving superficial (but not deep) scars.

- Routine regular maintenance of your skin.

The procedure itself takes just a few minutes and is completely painless. You may feel a slight tingling or burning sensation during the procedure which is completely bearable. Confirm in advance from your dermatologist if a strong or deep peel is being performed, which can be a bit more intense.

Starting after a day or two and depending on the type of peel, your skin may feel a bit flaky or dry for the next few days. This can easily be managed with liberal use of moisturizers. Sunscreens are recommended, since your skin may be a bit sensitive to sunlight, but normal day to day activities are not hampered. Discuss with your dermatologists about peels if you have unwanted spots or wrinkles, if you need an immediate refreshed look before social functions or if you simply desire periodical facial maintenance.

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