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Causes, Symptoms and Homeopathic Treatment for Sinusitis

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I am Dr. Bela, a homeopathic physician from Punjabi Bagh. Today we will talk about Sinusitis, one of the very common conditions that is coming in this season. What is Sinusitis in the first place? Sinusitis are hollow air spaces within the area of the, are surrounding the nose. And Sinusitis is the inflammation of that hollow area. What does Sinusitis generally do, it just produces mucus and then that mucus is drained out through the nose. And now, why does this Sinusitis or why does that inflammation occur? It occurs because, If there is and kind of allergy or any kind of sneezing or a nose blockage so then the passage of the mucus falling would be prevented and therefore the inflammation would occur. What are the symptoms of sinusitis? Now, you would start with allergy, sneezing, then there would be a kind of headache, body ache, malaise, kind of not feeling well. Slight irritation in the throat. The post nasal discharge what we call, are all symptoms of sinusitis. That’s when you definitely consult a doctor. Now, the best way to prevent a sinusitis is that patients who are allergic should not be exposing themselves to the allergens and make sure that you are cold free if possible. Keep yourself warm in a chilly area. And once the sinusitis occurs then you can put your heat pads around the head, you can keep yourself heated. You can put heat pads, keep yourself, keep your ears warm so there is no kind of infection and of course homeopathy has a wonderful solution to sinusitis, weather it is acute, sub-acute, chronic or recurrent. We can cure all kind of sinusitis.

So I thank lybrate for this platform to introduce sinusitis to you.

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