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Cardiac Problems - How Homoeopathy Can Help In Treating Them?

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Cardiac Problems - How Homoeopathy Can Help In Treating Them?

Various conditions that influence the heart itself or any of the arteries or veins going to and from the heart are called cardiovascular diseases. Long-term research has recommended that women are more inclined to conditions that affect the veins and arteries while men are more inclined to conditions that affect the heart muscles. Most common conditions that cause cardiovascular diseases are as follows:

  • High circulatory strain
  • Diabetes
  • Increased fats (lipids) in blood
  • Hyperhomocysteinemia

The most widely recognised kind of cardiovascular infection is atherosclerosis. However, here are few homoeopathic cures that can treat the problem very effectively. These are as follows:

  1. Digitalis: The heartbeat is moderate, however, very solid. There is incredible depletion of the cardiovascular tissue, and, optionally, the heartbeat gets to be distinctly frail. The additional effort builds its speed, however, decreases its effectiveness, so that the brisk heartbeat gets to be very fast and discontinuous. This unpredictable discontinuity is a very dangerous symptom. The heart feels as though the blood has stopped. Hence, digitalis helps in the aforementioned heart problems.
  2. Prickly plant grandiflorus: A crushed sensation may act as a side effect. It has, nonetheless, different indications. There is soreness and tightening; pain shooting into the left arm, oedema and a snappy, throbbing, tense, hard heartbeat, which could trouble a person greatly.
  3. Kalmia latifolia: Kalmia is a great solution for heart irregularities when they have been created in concealment by outside applications. The heartbeat in order to take Kalmia needs to be moderate, yet not as moderate as Digitalis. Phytolacca has shivering and deadness of the right arm, however, the three main cures having this side effect in the left arm are Kalmia, Rhus and Aconite.
  4. Spigelia: Spigelia is another solution for the difficult problems regarding the heart. It is a leader when it comes to intense carditis and pericarditis. There are sharp shooting pains from the heart to the back, and shooting electric pain starting from the heart to the arm, over the abdomen, and down the spine. The heartbeat becomes more terrible from any intensive work of the arm or body. There is a murmuring sensation felt over the heart.
  5. Cimicufuga: This is a cure frequently demonstrated in heart troubles, especially when a patient has chorea or stomach pain or pain in the muscles. A headache in the temple or at the highest point of the head is one of the main symptoms required for the prescription of this medicine. Pain under the left areola and down the left arm may likewise be felt. The pain is able to come in stuns. A sleeping disorder is constant.
  6. Aconite: Aconite helps the cardiovascular clog that causes uneasiness, abuse and throbbing pain. It gets more terrible when taking a walk; doing any physical activity and causes extreme pain. It is the cure for uncomplicated hypertrophy of the heart. It is used as a cure when the pain sets in with fever with mental nervousness.
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