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Can Fillers Be Used For Ageing Hands?

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Dr. Jolly Shah 89% (1082 ratings)
MBBS, DNB (Dermatology)
Dermatologist, Mulund W, Mumbai  •  23 years experience
Can Fillers Be Used For Ageing Hands?

It is said that a hand reflects the personality of an individual. A well-maintained manicured hands with skin and nail care talks a lot about a person. Aside from the head and neck, it is also the most exposed part of the body. Whether we like it or not, aging is inevitable and does not spare any part of the body. The hands also lose volume, sag, wrinkle, and tan. The veins become prominent, knuckles jut out, and bones and tendons become stand out. While most people take care of the aging effects on the face, the hands are often ignored. There are even cases where there is a mismatch in the appearance of the hands and the face, causing cosmetic and psychological concerns.

The loss of skin volume can be replaced by restoring the soft tissue, which is achievable by injecting fillers into the hands. These improve skin elasticity, improve volume, and reduce wrinkles. The prominence of the bones and knuckles are therefore reduced, producing a less-aged appearance.

  1. Calcium Hydroxyapatite: This inert, biocompatible, inorganic component prompts collagen production. It has high viscosity and high elasticity and acts as a wonderful filler. It is usually injected alone or after mixing with lidocaine (a local anaesthetic) into different areas of the hand. It blends nicely with the skin and conceals tendons and bones. It requires repetitive procedures and takes about 6 to 18 months for the full effect to be seen. There are minimal side effects including bruising, oedema, and tenderness.

  2. Hyaluronic Acid: The skin contains hyaluronic acid naturally, and with ageing, the amount of it reduces. This provides a matrix for dermal tissue, giving it the elasticity and thickness, which is lost with age. Therefore injecting hyaluronic acid helps improve elasticity and thickness. It increases collagen formation in the underlying layers of the skin and acts as a filler. Recent advances have used injections of cross-linked HA which is more resistant to degradation, thereby producing longer lasting results.

  3. Autologous Fat Injections: Fat from another body area usually the thighs or the upper arms is either freshly harvested or harvested and frozen and thawed. This is then injected into the hands to act as fillers. This requires repetitive procedures, as the results are not sustained. There could also be uneven surfaces with lumps in the hands where fat has been injected. There are also chances of infection and oedema in this procedure.

As noted, there are ways to avoid the ageing effects on the hands. A word of caution, though, whatever the approach you choose, ensure you place yourself in the hands of an experienced, qualified surgeon to take care of your ageing hands!

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