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Can A Psychiatrist Help You With A Sexual Dysfunction?

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Dr.Jaydeepsinh Gohil 90% (19ratings)
MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Vadodara  •  13years experience
Can A Psychiatrist Help You With A Sexual Dysfunction?

A large number of people in India suffer from sexual disorders of one kind or another. Some of these conditions are purely physical and a separate branch of treatment is used to deal with the same.

However, some of the sexual dysfunctions are caused due to a problem in the psyche of the patient. Conventional medications and treatment are unable to deal with such issues. The help of a psychiatrist is important under these circumstances. Here is a look at the role that psychiatry plays in treating sexual dysfunctions.

  1. Impotence- Doctors will first determine whether the impotence is due to physical or psychological ailments. If the impotence results from a psychological disorder, doctors will not treat the impotence itself but the underlying condition.
  2. Orgasmic Disorder- People may be unable to reach climax during sexual intercourse. This can be caused due to both psychological and physiological reasons. Lack of knowledge of the sexual anatomy and lack of attraction towards the sexual partner are two psychological reasons why you might be unable to orgasm.
  3. Premature ejaculation- Premature ejaculation is considered a problem only when the female partner is displeased with the duration of sexual intercourse. In such a case, both the partners need to seek counselling to figure out what may be leading to the issue.
  4. Vaginismus- It is a condition where the outer portion of the vagina contracts every time an object goes inside the vagina. This condition may be caused due to a history of sexual violence or a trauma regarding the same. Psychiatrists can help deal with the underlying trauma and fear of sex, which will greatly help alleviate the symptoms of the condition.

If conventional medications and treatment do not help with sexual dysfunctions, it is essential to consult a psychiatrist, as you may be suffering from a psychological issue and not a physical one.

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