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Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Dr.Santosh Bhatia 87% (15ratings)
M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery), MS - General Surgery, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Mumbai  •  15years experience
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I am Dr. Santosh Bhatia. And today we are gonna discuss something related to breast augmentation surgery. So, there's often a misnomer regarding breast augmentation surgery and people always get confused what exactly whether they require, if they don't require it, do they desire it, they don't desire it so there are various thought processes regarding the same. So hopefully I will be able to clear some concepts regarding the same. So, breast augmentation surgery is fairly safe surgery. Most often it is a day-care surgery. You come in the morning, we offer it to you and we send you home in the evening. Breast augmentation surgery is there two various types of surgery broadly speaking. One is with the help of an implant and the other one is with the help of a fat injection. I'll try to demystify both of them for you also. So, breast augmentation with the help of implants is done with two different methods.

One we can put a saline implant, second, we can put silicone implants. Silicon is the most common one that is being used since the shape is well retained. Nowadays you get highly cohesive breast implants hence you get a good shape in the breast and it's maintained for a very prolonged period of time. In breast augmentation with the help of an implant in that also there are two types: one round implant and the second one is an anatomical implant. In the plane that we place it, there again there are different planes that we can place it: one is behind the gland, one is behind the muscle and one is behind the fascia. Now all these are very confusing to a layman and I don't expect you to understand it until we come and explain everything to you with the help of diagrams and to understand what you require, what are your goals, what are your needs based on that I'll tell you which is the aptest one for you. In the incision or where the incision is made again, there is one below the infra-mammary crease or below the breast that is at the inframammary crease, the second one is around the nipple areolar complex and the third one is in the axillar.

These are various methods that we can use. Again, each individual is different, each individual's requirements are different hence, based on the requirement we decide what has to be done. In terms of implants, there are different when you come in the first time to meet me, I obviously assess what you have, what you want, what are your desires, what are your goals. Is it because you are doing it because there is a loss of the breast which has taken place because of pregnancy, lactation because of those reasons or just then you have something on those hypomastia or small breasts or you just desire cosmetic improvement. You know everyone it's different. Sometimes people come because of an asymmetry in the breasts or once they have one side bigger one size smaller. We try to match it to the level best that we can. So now when you come in for the first time when you come for consultation obviously, I need to see your entire history, whether what is your past medical record, whether are you fit enough for the surgery or you are not fit enough for the surgery. We do a few blood investigations.

Many times I need to do a mammogram. Why is a mammogram done is to just so that we have a record before the surgery about your breasts and about the breast condition? So, as I as I said that when you come in for the surgery or the day of consultation, your medical history is taken, the records are seen, whether you have any pre-medical past medical condition. I do a mammogram. Once the mammogram is done then we get an understanding of your breast parenchyma or the current breast tissue. There are after that its I kind of determine to try to determine what is the size that you're looking for. Now, based on the size that you're looking for, there are different types of breast sizes as I've shown over here. So, there is from 100cc to 400cc of breast sizes which are available. So, I kind of make you wear them, try to see so that you see yourself in the mirror, you take photographs, you get an understanding, you ask your partner, your husband or maybe your some close family person that who would you who you like to talk about, you can decide based on a variety of these features.

Once we decide that, yes this is a particular size that is required, then the based on many of different types of markings that I do, many different types of measurements that I do, I decide exactly which size and which shape will be most apt for you based on that. So, I let you go and let you decide to a large extent as to what size you're looking at and then based on that based on my scientific and medical experience, I decide finally what is the final size that you require. Besides that, in terms of what most people ask me, they ask me many different various questions that does it cause cancer, can I breastfeed after the surgery, how fast can I exercise? So, in short, there is a study which is done where it is shown it is fairly safe. There is a new study which is being done regarding ALCL, that again when you come and I'll discuss that with you in detail in regards to what you can do after the surgery.

You definitely can you can do everything and anything but you can't do upper body weight exercises, you can't swim for a period of three weeks. Besides that, everything else is fine, you can go to you can go for a walk, you can go for a jog after 3 or 4 days. You'll have you'll be wearing a sports bra which is there. This sports bra has to be worn for a period of three weeks. No underwire bra and things are that are not allowed to be worn at that particular moment of time. In terms of how fast will you be able to join back work, I believe that most patients from various range of from one day to 3 days is when most people join back work. Yes, you do feel little heaviness, you may feel a little soreness, you may have a little sensory problem around the nipple for the first three weeks but this is all a part and sequelae of the surgery. After which so I come most commonly call you back on day three to do a dressing.

I call you on day 10 to remove the stitches and then I call you at one month, 3 months and 6 months just to take photographs so we analyze your entire recovery period of sorts. Regarding fat injection, on the other hand, it's a fairly new thing. It's very good. Some people do not want any implant they don't want to have something in their body as per what they say. Fair enough. Again, we can do fat injection even though it's not a gold standard, the shape of the breast is not as great as with an implant but yes, we can achieve a large change in your breasts.

So how do we do that procedure? We basically take a and a liposuction cannula, we do some liposuction. Again, most people are happy that they are getting some liposuction also done because of that. So, we do some liposuction, we remove the fat from say the flanks, the abdomen, the thighs wherever there's enough and adequate fat, we remove fat from that,  we kind of process the fat in a particular manner and we place the fat or we inject the fat into the breast. The recovery period of fat injection also fairly similar to that of the breast implant. For regarding any more information, I would always suggest please connect with me on Lybrate, so that I can give you more information as you desire.

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