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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Brachial Plexus Injuries

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Dr. Adhishwar SharmaCosmetic/Plastic Surgeon • 27 Years Exp.MCh, MS - General Surgery, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Felloship In Microvascular Surgery & Hand Surgery

Good morning, everybody I am Dr Adhishwar Sharma I am a plastic surgeon with a microvascular training I have done my MBBS from MKCG Berhampur, Odisha in 1992. We recently celebrated 25 years of entry in MBBS course and followed by after finishing my MBBS in 1997 I went in 98 I joined PGI Chandigarh, where I did my training in joint surgery and after finishing my joint surgery training and passing MS Joint surgery I work for another 3 years in PGI as a registrar followed by 3 years in Civil Hospital, Karnal and then I joined Jensen plastic training in Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi which is one of the most largest departments of plastic surgery in India. After finishing my in 2010 I join 2007 and I finish in 2010 and from 2011 and 12 I spend doing fellowships in hand surgery and head and neck surgery in which I learned about the microvascular surgery, hand surgery above treatment of breaking blood cells which is my passion and my keen interest in treating patients of red blood cells and preferred nerve surgery. And then I spend another 6 months in head and neck Namrata learning head and neck surgeries, how to do head and neck reconstruction and various head and neck tumor management and other things and in 2012 generally I entered practice and briefly about and then I was working in Central Hospital Faridabad for 2 years then nowadays I am mainly working in Fortis Gurgaon and little bit of my work is there in Metro Hospital Faridabad and plus I do my own clinic in Brahmanand clinic in Faridabad which is located in near BK Chowk, NIT. And I want to talk about by the key passion that is brachial plexus injuries, my brachial plexus injuries are basically nothing but the flex of nerves which comes from the cervical cord and it supplies the from downwards from shoulder to hand, it control every movement of your hand. So hand is a very critical and very key component of human body. It’s a key means you're not gainfully employed, your potential is a human being is not fulfilled, if you don't have a functional and upper limb and from function upper limb including the hand. So these injuries are nowadays increasing because they are of mainly two types one is paediatric injuries and other is adult, paediatric is mainly birth canal injuries children are their plexus is damage during birth and these are basically low and other is the adult injuries, adult injuries are mainly high-velocity injuries suffered by the teenagers or the young adults during while driving motorcycle or having fallen from height and there are few injuries which are caused by tumors and hydrogenic dissection during an injury during surgery or another thing. So main bulk 90% of causes from the roadside traffic accidents and you see the breaking plexus injury doesn't kill the person but it effectively puts a person out of his employment and his social life, he is handicap for life unless he that armed he is functions are restored and that person cannot achieve its economic potential as well as potentially a human being. So treating these injuries and having these injuries is not only rehabilitate human being but you also make society more productive. So we have a lot of experience of treating these injuries in my clinic and Fortis Gurgaon and this thing I have done more than 200 cases of these injuries and I have been writing a blog about as a plastic surgeon, as a doctor, as a human being, we touch so many human beings in my life time and in my practice, so I have been writing all those interesting stories in my blog Brahmanand Clinic at BlogSpot and Brahmanand Clinic at WordPress, there are two blogs and there is another 3rd blog herbs and breaking plexus So if you visit this blogs you will see how as a plastic surgeon, as a doctor we test that people's lives and we make them more productive and we conclude to the society. Thank you very much.