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Chromosome Analysis, Cord Blood Test

Chromosome Analysis, Cord Blood Test

The Chromosome Analysis Cord Blood test is a combination of fresh specimens undergoing cell culture followed by a professional interpretation of the results by a team of experts. A total of about 20 metaphase cells are analysed in the test. It further includes the analysis of two banded karyograms. The total cost for the test is not inclusive of the analysis performed. However, if metaphase cannot be observed or is absent, charges for analysis are not taken. If at all, analysis has to be carried out, the test demands extra charges for it. You are misled if you believe that the test can detect and screen chromosome defects.

The test is recommended to a person in case of: Intellectual disabilities Autism spectrum disorder patients Developmental delay Abnormal gain or loss of chromosomal material Individuals with multiple anomalies. The lab shall take any one of the following specimen for testing: Whole Blood – 5 ml (container will be provided) Cord Whole Blood – As much as possible (container will be provided) The lab shall enlighten you with all the necessary information and the instructions to collect any one among the ones mentioned above. Generally, you can talk to your doctor about your experiences and what all you expect to know. Although the procedure is the same, the doctor will be able to explain you the results that solve your queries individually.

The test is used to interpret the following: Effective diagnosis of congenital chromosome abnormalities, Diagnosis of aneuploidy, Detection of structural abnormalities, Bringing about balanced rearrangement The test is not suitable for the following: Already acquired chromosomal abnormalities Hematologic disorders. In the above cases, a blood test is the appropriate test.

A flask consists of media and cell mitogen. “Whole blood” is transferred to this flask. Incubation of the cells is allowed for a duration of 66 to 72 hours at a temperature of 37 degrees. Metaphase cells are carefully painted over microscope slides. They are then stained using G – banding. A minimum of 20 metaphase cells are examined provided that there is no case of mosaicism. If latter prevails, about 30 metaphase cells are analysed. If the goal of the test is conformation of a chromosomal abnormality, 5 metaphase s are analysed. About 5 digitized metaphase images are stored in the computer system out of which 2 are used to prepare karyograms.

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Type Gender Age-Group Value
Chromosome Analysis
All age groups
Rs 8000- RS 12000

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