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Last Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Bladder Cancer - How Smoking Can Cause It?

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Dr. N NagarajaiahUrologist • 36 Years Exp.MCh - Urology, MS - General Surgery , MBBS
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Second hand smoke may cause bladder cancer. True or false? Take this quiz to know more. 

People with the highest bladder cancer risk are those who?
• Smoke heavily
• Started smoking at a young age
• Have smoked for a long time
• All of the above - Right
Smoking cigarettes enhance the chances of an onset of the bladder cancer. As per studies over one-third of all bladder cancer cases have a link with smoking. Smokers are at increasing risk of getting bladder cancer, which may be up to 4 times that of someone who has never smoked. People who smoke may reduce their risk of getting cancer by passing urine more often. However, there is not enough evidence to support that this is true for everyone. The more you stay away from cigarettes, the better it is.

Which type of chemicals present in cigarette smoke may cause of bladder cancer?
• Formaldehyde
• Carcinogenic chemicals - Right
• Hydrogen cyanide
• All of the above
Cigarette smoke contains carcinogenic chemicals which are harmful to our body and known to cause cancer. When tobacco smoke is inhaled, these cancer-causing chemicals are absorbed into the blood stream. When the blood passes through your kidneys, these chemicals may often get deposited in the urine. As the urine waits in the bladder to be expelled, these harmful chemicals damage the cells lining the bladder, increasing your risk of bladder cancer. Experts believe that healthy eating habits may help in preventing bladder cancer.

Second hand smoke may cause bladder cancer.

• True - Right
• False
The health risks brought on by cigarette smoking are not restricted to smokers. Exposure to secondhand smoke or environmental tobacco smoke significantly increases the risk of cancer in nonsmokers, as well as also a few respiratory ailments in kids. Secondhand smoke is a combination of the smoke that is discharged from the end of a burning cigarette and the smoke emitted from the lungs of smokers. You may use medical masks when going outside, to protect yourself from second-hand smoke.

Aryl-amines present in tobacco decreases the risk of bladder cancer.
• True
• False - Right
As per medical research arylamines such as benzidine, 2-naphthylamine, and 4-aminobiphenyl which are present in tobacco smoke are associated with increasing the chances of getting bladder cancer. Aryl-amines use both an early and a late-stage activity, compatible with a two-mutation theory of bladder carcinogenesis. You may consult your doctor to educate yourself about these harmful effects.

Quitting smoking is a critical step in preventing bladder cancer.
• True - Right
• False
Quitting smoking has major and immediate health benefits for men and women of all ages. Quitting smoking not only decreases the risk of bladder cancer but also reduce the risk of getting a heart attack or chronic lung disease. As per research people who quit before reaching the age 50 reduce their chance of dying by half for the next fifteen years compared with those who continue to smoke. Smoking low-yield cigarettes, as compared to cigarettes with higher tar and nicotine, provides no clear benefit to health. The earlier a person quits, the greater the health benefit.


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