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Blackheads - Common Causes Behind it!

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Blackheads - Common Causes Behind it!

What are blackheads?
Blackheads are basically a form of acne that contains oxidised melanin; melanin is the pigment that is secreted by the skin cells, known as melanocytes. They get lodged within the pores of the skin and can give a nasty appearance. It looks like little black dots on the skin and gives an uneven appearance.

Why are they caused?
Clogged pores have an all around depicted pathogenesis:

  1. The sebaceous organs overproduce sebum (and skin cell abundance may likewise be an element)
  2. The abundant sebum bunches together with dead skin cells and hinder the hair follicle (the base and trench in the skin from which a hair strand develops)
  3. The open comedones uncover this plug of sebum to the air, bringing about oxidation of the sleek, waxy substance, turning it into a dark colour.

As laid out above, clogged pores are a consequence of strange sebum production, frequently combined with abundance of skin cells, bringing about blocked pores. While we comprehend this procedure, the explanations behind the extra creation of sebum are less clear.

Hormonal changes amid adolescence are the most widely recognized trigger for excess sebum generation. Less basic are changes because of menstrual periods, pregnancy and conception prevention pills. The male sex hormone, ‘androgen’ triggers more noteworthy over-production of sebum and higher turnover of skin cells and its creation surges in both young men and young ladies amid adolescence.

An over-secretion of androgen hormones in grown-up ladies may expand the dangers of clogged pores and different types of skin inflammation, and also hirsutism (extreme hair development). Different variables for skin break outs and the occurrence of clogged pores include:
1. Beauty care products, chemicals and garments that cover pores
2. Substantial sweating or high dampness
3. Dietary variables, ailment or pharmaceuticals that support fast skin cell turnover
4. Certain steroid drugs aggravate skin inflammation or cause comparative skin eruptions.

How is it treated?
Having a small number of blackheads is categorised as mild acne. It is treated as per its severity; so spotting a few sporadic blackheads on your face might not warrant immediate medical attention. However, severe cases should be medically attended to, in order to prevent scarring and further aggravations. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a dermatologist and ask a free question.

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