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Balanced Diet

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Dt. Niti Munjal 92% (20 ratings)
Fellowship in Applied Nutrition(FAN), PG Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Gurgaon  •  11 years experience
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Hello everyone. I am Niti Munjal. I am a dietitian and a diabetic educator at Moto of my life is to tell people about how to eat mindfully and my starts with talking to a lot of my clients on daily basis. Wherein most of them are females because we females are in continuous viscous circle of gaining weight and losing weight, year by year, age by age. Right from teenage we notice a great change in our body, mentally and physically. There are a lot of mood swings, there is starting menstrual cycle, weight gain due to growth spurt, and of course the onset of eating disorder. So net net this is the beginning. Well them we enter the busiest phase of our life where we have to take care of our family married life, child birth, and of course work. So there…. There is pregnancy weight we have to shed, then there is delivery way want… even after delivery we want to be healthy, we want to lose weight and it doesn’t stop here. Then we have the onset of menopause. After menopause then there is osteoporosis, there is thinning of bones. Again demand of having a healthy body weight. Hence we keep getting attractive towards the weight loss promotions and a lot of product that are coming in the market and which show us magically achieved weight loss result and a perfect curvaceous body. Remember there is no one diet plan that suits all and there is no magic pill for everyone. Keep your health in mind and keep your health as priority and follow a perfect nutritional bala…. Nutritionally balanced diet. Given that we all are different our body requirements are different. Everybody has a different nutritional requirement, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and everyone should follow a different diet regime which should be personalized for them. We need to ensure that we are eating a variety of food and an appropriate number of calories, so that the diet you are consuming for your weight loss should not lead to any deficiency in your body. So my honest suggestion would be that, visit your diet physician personally or talk to her over the phone, take a proper diet from her, discuss your family history, your current routine, medical history, your present life style, whatever you are eating day in day out and follow her guidelines religiously. Always lose weight under the guidance of a medical professional and don’t follow anything blindly and do not fall into a trap. First and foremost step to remain healthy is to eat mindfully. Avoid junk food, avoid fat food, avoid over eating and use salt… use salt and sugar in moderation. Have a lot of variety of food to ensure balanced diet. Thirty to forty minutes exercise on a daily basis. A positive life style and maintaining a healthy body weight is the key to avoid all these life style issues. Remember the mantra is ‘mindful and soulful eating’. Whatever you eat today is what you become tomorrow. So you can visit my website or contact me through

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