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Last Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Ayurvedic Treatment for Corn on Skin

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Dr. Surjeet Kaur BavaTrichologist • 26 Years Exp.MD - Ayurveda, Diploma In Trichology, Skin Aesthetics and Cosmetology, Diploma In skin aesthetics, Diploma In cosmetology, Diploma In Trichology, Diploma In Nutrition & Diet Planning, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

Causes and Treatment for Corn on Skin

Namaste Friends! I am Dr. Surjeet Kaur Bawa practicing cosmetologist, skin aesthetics, trichologist and Ayurved Physician. Today we will talk about how corn is treated.

1st of all let us take a call on how is the corn formed. Corn is a small patch of skin, thickened skin, dead plug of skin which is found in feet sometimes, in hands too. What are the causes? Improper walking, uneven pressure on feet, ill fitting shoes etc. All this lead to friction of the feet thus thickening the underlining skin to sustain that pressure. What are the available treatments? Corn caps, acids, surgical excisions. Surgical excisions can offer relief but has big healing time and tedious post op care. Ayurveda offers immediate relief to the long standing pain by Agnikarma. Agni karma has been mentioned by Acharya Susrut, corn has been described as Kaddar in Ayurveda, it is treated by Shalaka Dahan.

This is a superior para-surgical procedure in management of not only corn but other health ailments also by pancha dhatu shalaka the tool for cauterization. This procedure doesn’t require any anesthesia, no hospitalization and minimum post op care. The patient goes on walking comfortably with reduced pain.

How is the treatment done. 1st the area is cleaned and dried, heated shalaka is then applied to the corn till the pain is sensed by the patient. Immediately the shalaka is removed and healing cream is applied, patient can comfortably walk back home. Now I will show you how a shalaka looks, (displaying) this is a shalaka, it’s a panchadhatu shalaka. This point is heated and applied to the corn. Very comfortable procedure and no post op care.

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