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My name is Dr Supriya Choudhary and I am working as an ayurveda and panchakarma physician at Swapnadeep Ayurved centre. Our centre is located at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Our centre is India's first any NABH accredited center. NABH means National Board of Accreditation for Hospitals and Healthcare providers. So, we offer our patient the services that are based on quality and authentic ayurvedic treatment. Also, at our centre we do prakriti parikshan. Also, we give a computerized report to patients and suggest a diet and lifestyle modification according to that and also, we have all the panchakarma therapies at our centre. We perform more than 35 therapies at our centre. Today we are going to discuss the topic ayurvedic lifestyle means ayurvedic dinacharya. Dinacharya means our daily routine. So, we are seeing nowadays many people are suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, obesity. Also, many young girls are suffering from PCOD and periods of problem. So, these are the things we are facing daily in daily life so is there any way to prevent these diseases. So, answer is yes and we will find it in ayurvedic lifestyle.

What is the ayurvedic lifestyle? So, if you wake up at that time your you will find positive vibes in yourself and it is the best time for pranayam and yoga exercise. So, after that you have to drink water or in the copper vessel it is good for health and after that after finishing your nature’s call you should do exercise. Exercise is must be a daily part must be a part of your daily routine as it has its own own health benefits.

So, after exercise, Ayurveda says you have to do oil massage. Self-oil massage will be ok. After that you can perform your bath and after that ayurveda says you have to do some procedures the on daily basis which require only 5 to 10 minutes of your daily routine. According to ayurveda you should do Nasya on daily basis. This Nasya is you can perform at home only. You have to just instill 2 drops of oil medicated oil in your nose daily but these benefits of these procedures are so many that you will do it daily. Your nasal block and sinusitis these problems will be prevented. Also, you have to do anjana means we used kajal for that purpose. You can do it daily. Also, you can do gandoosha kavaladhar procedure this proc.

You will know about these procedures at any ayurveda doctor. He will he can he or she can explain you about that so these are the procedures you can do if you do this daily, you will you can prevent many diseases. So, this is the dinacharya ayurveda has prescribed but also there is ritucharya also according to the Ritu means seasons. You have to change you have to do some changes in your lifestyle. We live in 21st century so our daily lifestyle is so hectic that we cannot perform these procedures but as told so you have to just visit any ayurvedic doctor he or she can explain to you that what can you change in your lifestyle that will help you to prevent many diseases. For more information, you can contact me on

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