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Last Updated: Jan 08, 2024

Autism And Epilepsy - Application Of Epigenetics For Permanent Cure!

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Dr. Rajalakshmi KandaswamyGeneral Physician • 29 Years Exp.MBBS
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In some people, autism and epilepsy go hand in hand. But with new tools and techniques, it has become possible to cure such people. Cure for autism means the disappearance of the limiting symptom that is unique for each person. Cure for epilepsy means complete disappearance of seizure and no medication for epilepsy. 

Therefore, how autism with epilepsy can be cured is a point of consideration here.

Reasons for Epilepsy in Autistic People - 

People with epilepsy often experience seizures, which means that they have a temporary disturbance of mental functioning. It manifests due to Energy Disturbance in the energy fields of the autistic person. But, the trigger of the energy disturbance in such a person is the energy disturbance in the parents’ or caregivers’ energy field. The energy disturbance in the physical environment around the autistic person can also be a trigger. 

The energy fields get disturbed as autistic people are born as energy sensitivity being and they have poor energy boundaries. 

How Applied Intentional Epigenetics is Beneficial in Curing the Symptoms in Autism Along with Epilepsy?

Applied Intentional Epigenetics is a Biotechnology tool, which enables the reversing of symptoms in autism presented along with epilepsy. 

Applied Intentional Epigenetics is the science and art of utilizing methods and techniques using the power of Intention in any way that helps epigenetic transformations in a person. It brings these transformations at the genes and DNA level of the person. 

On the other hand, the Biotechnology tool involves using living organisms to make products through technological applications for a specific use. Epigenetics means to control the above genes. Biotechnology and epigenetics are connected through Intent or Intention. And the combination of two is for helping people with autism and epilepsy. It is also known as an intent healing which means healing using the power of Intention. It brings about the realignment in the energy fields of such people by rewiring the neural network in the brain and gut, reprogramming the DNA and erasing faulty cellular memories.

Result of Using the Intent Healing Tool -

People with autism along with epilepsy have shown positive results with the help of the intent healing process. These people have recovered completely from all the limiting symptoms of autism as well as symptoms of epilepsy. They were soon off the medicines once the healing session started. The entire process is done along with parents or caretakers under medical supervision. The process involves the healing of parents first and then the autistic child. 

Conclusion -

Where earlier people thought that autism along with epilepsy had no solution or only medication is the solution, now, with new discovery, they have understood that Intent Healing is the solution. Such healing has a permanent solution to the problem. The invention of such a healing process is a sigh of relief for children and families.

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