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Anxiety, Panic & Phobia

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Dr.Ajay Nihalani 90% (107ratings)
Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, United Kingdom (MRC Psych), MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Ghaziabad  •  24years experience
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I am Dr. Ajay Nihalani, Psychiatrist. Today I will talk about anxiety, panic and phobia. So, what is anxiety? It is a problem when we are in a difficult situation or anticipates the same. Anxiety is not bad in itself. Sometimes it is also good as this push us towards our goals. But if it lasts for long, it becomes harmful. Its symptoms can be physical or psychological. Physically we might feel that heartbeats are racing, Breathing difficulties, Frequent urination or headaches. Things will not workout well.

Now the question is what causes anxiety. Panic is a form of anxiety. Phobia of fear of specific something. Getting scared from dogs, fear of getting stucked into the lift. Many a times people feel the change in heartbeat, increased blood pressure and they end up going to the heart Drs and they get themselves checked through the test and nothing wrong comes. Due to frequent motions, they consult stomach specialist. First and foremost thing is to look at the cause. Make lifestyle changes.

Take professional help.

Thank You.

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