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Anti-Ageing Procedure

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Dermatologist, Delhi  •  27years experience
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Hello friends,

I am Dr Amit Luthra. I am here to talk about certain anti-aging procedures which we are doing in our clinic. We do Botox and fillers for aging skin and we also use machines to reverse the aging changes like ulthera, exilis elite and other procedures like peels and even for that matter a little bit of laser rejuvenation. So when we talk about ageing skin we are talking about skin which has aged because the person is aging normally plus there is some photo aging meaning aging happening because of sun exposure. So lot of times we get people who are worried about their wrinkles, they are worried about the sagging skin, about the folds which are happening on the face. So what we do at our clinic is we analyse the skin, we have a special system where we analyse how much aging has happened and once we come to a conclusion we start doing procedures for them. So there are two things that we normally to in practice which are very common.

We do Botox for the dynamic wrinkles which means the wrinkles which happen when a person uses the muscle. So these are most commonly seen on the frown area or the fore and the forehead area and even the crows feet area. So these are the commonest indications that we do the Botox for. Sometimes we use Botox to thin down a face or contour the face, so we use it in the lower jaw area to make a face thin. We also use it in the neck area to give you or rather give you a smooth neck without any lines. As it comes to fillers, fillerses are used to kind of pull-up your face specially the cheeks which are sagging. We also use fillers in the under eye area to give you a rejuvenated look. We use fillers to contour your nose, contour the chin or augment the chin and wonderfully well it is used in the lip area to give you a good, sexy looking lips. These are the indications where we have been using Botox and fillers.

Sometimes we do have patients who are not very keen on doing injectables and in those patients we use machines like fractional resurfacing to give them a smooth texture and some changes which can help them age better. We also use a machine called ulthera which is a high focused ultrasound to build up collagen in the skin of the patients to give them a tighter skin which takes some time to come in as the results take around 3-6 months to come in. All these procedures that we do in practice are done under the supervision of by the doctor so that you don't have any adverse events. These procedures that we do in practice are all FDA approved and these are done according to the copybook style or as it is mentioned in the study books or in the literature. So what you get at our clinic are wonderful results or amazing results and we also stress on the fact that the prices are also affordable. So our main motto is that the patient or the client should always be satisfied with with all the procedures that we do in our clinic.

Thank you.

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