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Ailments From Change Of Weather

Dr. Tarannum Shaikh 93% (515 ratings)
B.H.M.S., Post Graduate Certificate In Nutrition, Obesity & Health
Sexologist, Indore  •  17 years experience
Ailments From Change Of Weather
  • Temperatures are beginning to rise gradually and soon we will be welcoming summers. But this change of weather phase often leads to a fresh spurt of infections mainly viral with symptoms such as headaches, bodyache, cough cold and flu like symptoms. Also respiratory and skin allergies tend to get worse at this time. 
  • With the days being hot and nights and early mornings cold it is difficult for the body to adjust to the environment. It is essential that we keep warm at these times to avoid sudden temperature drop in the body and exposing it to infection
  • Also eat healthy and avoid outside food at all times. Keep away from cold water and cold drinks yet. It will again mess up with your body temperature. 
  • There are quite a few homeopathic medicines which help in ailments from change of weather, or cloudy weather, or when the days are hot and nights cold. 
  • It is advisable to take homeopathy treatment for chronic or frequently repeating ailments as they can be kept at bay with homeopathic treatment.
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