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AICD Implantation - Know Procedure Of It!

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AICD Implantation - Know Procedure Of It!

Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator is an electronic device that is located in the chest of the patient suffering from arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is a condition which causes abnormal rhythm of heartbeat in the patients. It is a life-threatening condition. The device is located in the chest to correct the rhythm of a heartbeat.

AICD device works in two ways:

Firstly, it tries to correct the abnormal heartbeat rhythm and release high- speed heartbeat pace. This is called cardioversion. Patients with AICD generally do not feel the process.

However, if the effect of cardioversion is null then the device will give a mild electric shock to the patient's heart to correct arrhythmia and reset the rhythm.

This second method is called defibrillation. The patient can feel the defibrillation.

The modern-day AICD device is programmed to store the data about the patient’s heart rhythm. Doctors use the programmed device which contains your condition and provides medically correct therapy.

Preparation for AICD Implantation

The patient is required to fast six hours before undergoing the surgery. On admission, prescribed medicine is given to the patient and the latest heart condition is measured by an ECG test. If the patient is on blood-thinning medication, then it will be stopped 24 hours before the surgery.

The procedure will be carried out by a cardiologist. The patient will remain under observation in the hospital for at least two days.


The entire process of setting up the device in the chest of the patient takes about 2 hours. The patient is sedated, and the area below the collarbone is numbed for the operation. A small incision is made in the chest area. With the help of imaging techniques, cardiologist sets up the device in the chest. The device is then connected to the veins and the heart. After the surgery, the patient is kept under observation. Heart rate, blood pressure, and overall health condition are observed by the doctors to determine successful implantation of Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (AICD). Post Procedure After the successful recovery of the patient, doctors usually discharge the patient with AICD attached. The doctors give complete care instructions of the device along with health. Doctors also guide the patient through the list of activities that one can and cannot perform. AICD is a life-saving device. Hence, proper care and regular check-ups are recommended by the doctors. The regular check-up of the device is also essential since the device runs on a battery. The doctors also train the patient about the workings of the device. They will also explain about the mild shocks of the device one may receive to correct the arrhythmia. Before leaving, make sure the site of the surgery is dry and healing, and you do not have a fever for the past 24 hours.

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