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About The Root Canal Treatment

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Certified Implantologist, Aesthetic , BDS
Dentist, Gurgaon  •  11 years experience
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Hello, everybody, I am Dr Priyanka Puri. I am an Implantologist and a cosmetic/ aesthetic specialist. I have been practising for the past 12 years now. Today we are here to discuss some common topics which everybody faces in dental. First, I would like to talk about the root canal.
A root canal is a simple procedure. Basically, in a root canal procedure, we make the tooth non-vital and in the procedure basically, there is 2-3 part of the procedure.

  • The first part involves the opening of the tooth.
  • The second part involves cleaning of the tooth nerves and the third part involves filling it with an artificial material which is bio compatible with the tooth structure and facing a cap over it for strengthening it.

And now, with latest technologies, a root canal can be done in single sitting also. When it is single sitting, the important part of single sitting is that your bone should not have any abscess or any pus discharge there. If it all it is there, then you will not probably want to finish it in a single sitting. And apart from that, the patient fears like how long the tooth will be there, how long the treatment will last for me and all those things. If you take good care of your root canal and if you maintain it well, the tooth is going to last you lifelong.

There is no issue that a patient should be facing with a root canal and then you are on your antibiotics and pain killers while you are going for a root canal procedure.

There are some symptoms which are very specific for a root canal like recurrent pain in mouth while eating, while not eating, while sleeping having shooting pain. Lot of pain while eating hot food or hard food probably that side will not be functional for the patient. So, all these symptoms also guide to a large extent that a patient is requiring or a tooth is requiring a root canal treatment.

A simple cavity is very different from a root canal with the symptoms itself. A simple cavity would not have all these symptoms aligned with it and root canal would be having these symptoms aligned with it. So, I should request all the people that you should be aware of the dental hygiene and in your mouth, if you see some cavities starting up, you should always get the preventive treatment done.

You should not wait for the decay to convert it to a root canal. Because then the tooth will be non-vital and will not help you with the preventive treatment.

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