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A Complete Weight Loss Diet Guide!

Written and reviewed by
Dt.Ruchita Maheshwari 88% (504ratings)
BSc, Pg Diploma In Food Science & Nutrition, Sensory Evaluation of Food, Certified Diabetes Educator
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  9years experience
A Complete Weight Loss Diet Guide!

Are you tired of following unlimited diet plans and still not satisfied with all your sacrifices? Well, then we are sure you must not have selected the right plan that must suit your lifestyle and your body. Just to clarify, its really not necessary to skip meals and sacrifice all the sweets and the tasty snack items for which you crave, rather for losing weight, all that is required is good diet plan with right food & right portion control. You should control the number of calories you take in and exercise on a regular basis. So, we are here to guide you in the right direction regarding the right type of eating habits and tips which you should follow:

1. Never skip the breakfast meals - Breakfast is the first meal which should be taken within an hour of waking up. If not possible atleast try to have 1 fruit or 5 almonds. You should eat a healthy breakfast which should include balance nutrients like carbs, proteins & fats which are essential nutrients for your body. It is required to start your day with a kick & build up energy metabolism for a day. You should include oats, parathas, veggies, poha, upma, sandwiches & other healthy options.

2. Eat sugar moderately - It is important to control your sugar intake, however moderate consumption of sugar is not bad for your health.

3. Be conscious of what you eat - You should follow mindful eating rather than counting calories, which leaves you conscious all the time. Also, it is advisable to include physical activity starting 10 minutes daily.

4. Drink lots of water - Plenty of water intake keeps your body hydrated and this eventually keeps you satiated which will decrease your calorie intake automatically.

5. Eat steamed vegetables and probiotic yogurt - Raw vegetables are hard for the digestive system to break down. On the other hand, steamed vegetables are easy to digest. Yogurt contains essential nutrients and also improves digestion. Sweet dishes can be replaced by eating plain yogurt with addition of fruits as per your customized taste which can add fibers to your diet and increases the mobility of intestine.

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