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7 Mistakes You Must Avoid When You Are Sick!

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Dr. Santosh Bansal 92% (104 ratings)
MBBS, MTP Training, Ultrasound
General Physician, Gurgaon  •  41 years experience
7 Mistakes You Must Avoid When You Are Sick!

Bacteria and virus can flourish around you anytime, anywhere. Whether you are traveling in public transport or sitting in an air-conditioned workplace, you can catch any disease from common cold to severe viral fever.

Yes, medical facilities are readily available in order to get cured at the earliest. But, many of us still make some common mistakes which prolong our illness, and sometimes, make it worse. Well, it not only takes the persistence but basic awareness to recover completely.

Here are a few of those mistakes that you need to stop making in order to get well soon:

  1. Popping Pills: Indeed, medicines are easily available. But, turning up to a nearby drugstore and popping a pill without consulting your doctor is the foremost mistake that most of you do not realize. Such impulsive behavior can actually do more harm to your body than good.  
  2. Ignoring Nutritious Food: Feeling weak and lethargic is a part of the recovery process. Yes, it does kill your appetite too, but you need to make sure that you are keeping yourself hydrated and consuming enough of nutrients. So, eating fresh fruits and nutrition-rich foods such as chicken soup, khichdi, eggs is must to regain strength and physical stamina. 
  3. Taking Excessive Stress: Thinking about all that piled up work while taking the due rest that your doctor has recommended is really a very bad idea. Stress and anxiety will only slow down the healing process. So, focus on relaxing and getting your immunity back. Once you are fueled up, you can resume the normal activities with great energy.
  4. Ignoring The Early Signs: Having a blocked nose and headache are early signs of falling ill. These symptoms are usually not taken seriously, and people go about their day as usual, but the fact is that these signs are telling you to slow down and take time off to recuperate. So, pay heed to the signs of your body.
  5. Spreading Germs: Ignoring the symptoms and mixing freely with everyone is actually doing more harm, not only to your own self but to others as well. Others become prone to illness if you mingle freely with them. So, avoid sharing tissues, pillows, utensils or anything that comes in contact with you.
  6. Neglecting Time-Tested Remedies: Old time-tested remedies are the best way to go and people often forget them amidst the readily available prescription drugs out there. The regular intake of turmeric milk, ginger, honey and lemon can work wonders for chest congestion and cold. These will not only help you boost your immunity but can speed up the entire recovery process. 
  7. Smoking and Alcohol Consumption: Nothing is worse than smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol when it comes to your health and immunity. So, when you are sick, try to control the urge to smoke or drink.

When it comes to convalescing from sickness, taking due care is more important than following the medications blindly. In case you have a query, please consult an expert and get answers. 

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