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7 Lifestyle Changes Can Help You With Healthy Pregnancy!

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7 Lifestyle Changes Can Help You With Healthy Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful journeys in a woman’s life. However, one must remember that there are several dos and don’ts linked to it. You can’t lead an undisciplined life and expect a healthy outcome. Your pregnancy has to be systematically dealt with. You have to give up on a lot of habits that could pose a risk to the health of your growing foetus. Here are some tips to have a healthy pregnancy:

  1. Quit smoking: If you are a regular smoker, it’s time to quit smoking. You must remember that babies born to mothers who smoke have a higher chance of being born as stillborn or prematurely. Babies have also been found to have low birth weight. This is really bad. Your baby will have to fight a lot to survive. You might be asked to undergo an emergency and untimely delivery. On the other hands, if you quit smoking, you will have lesser or no complications at all. Your foetus will be healthy and grow into a lovely and healthy infant.
  2. Eat well, eat right, and eat on time: Your diet plays an essential role in your entire pregnancy. You must include all essential nutrients in your diet. Don’t skip your meals and try to have a balanced diet. Avoid spicy and oily food as you experience indigestion issues due to pregnancy hormones. You will need to take some 300 calories extra per day for your foetus. Add vegetables and fruits to your diet.
  3. Take multivitamins: Pregnancy leads to a deficiency of nutrients in your body. You must take a lot of multi vitamins to avoid the deficiency. Ideally, one must start taking the additional vitamin supplements before the pregnancy starts. Thereafter, she must continue with the recommended doses. For example, Omega 3 reduces the chances of giving birth to premature babies.
  4. Take sufficient rest: You must take rest in adequate amounts and take up moderate exercises in a day for not more than 30 minutes.
  5. Don’t be exposed to toxics: You should try and minimise the chances of getting exposed to toxic substances.
  6. Destress yourself: Try and destress yourself by listening to good music, reading a book or taking a careful massage. But you must avoid moving outdoors.
  7. Drink water: You must drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Your fluid balance must be maintained throughout the pregnancy.
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