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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019

7 Easy Checks To Avoid Malaria This Monsoon

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Dr. Jatin SoniGeneral Physician • 22 Years Exp.MBBS
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With the onset of monsoons, there is an increase in number of mosquitoes which can cause malaria and which may get fatal in some cases but if detected early we can cure it completely. It is always advisable to take the right precautions so that one doesn't fall sick later.

Note the following points to avoid malaria.

1) if you are pregnant or with a child, avoid going to mosquito-prone areas.
2) ensure that there is no stagnation of water for more than seven days because these are breeding grounds of mosquitoes. Change the stored water every seventh day and see to it -- in any area - be it your building premises or nearby locality make the water flow down the drain
3) wear clothes that are full sleeved and cover your legs. If children are going out to play, ensure that they are well covered and safe from mosquito bite.
4) ensure that you are sleeping under a mosquito net if there are mosquitoes around you
5) make sure you close the doors and windows of your house before sunset as this is the time when the mosquitoes enter the houses.
6) do not neglect if you see any symptoms of malaria; you should see a doctor immediately. The symptoms include fever& shivering, vomitting, headaches, weakness.
7) chances of getting bitten by malaria causing mosquitoes is high between dusk and dawn so be careful when you are going out at this time.

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