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6 Ayurvedic Tips That Can Keep Your Body Healthy!

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Dr. Sandeep Nirmal 91% (160 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Diploma In Panchkarma
Ayurvedic Doctor, Jhalawar  •  10 years experience
6 Ayurvedic Tips That Can Keep Your Body Healthy!

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that is holistic in nature. The focus of Ayurvedic treatments is on improving your overall well-being, in addition, to curing the symptoms of the disorder. When it comes to keeping your body healthy, Ayurveda is your best bet. Its holistic nature makes it very potent in improving your body’s immune system so that your body is fighting fit and free of diseases.

Here are some Ayurvedic tips to stay healthy:

  1. Eat healthily: The food you consume plays a vital role in your health. Different foods have different constituents which affect the body in different ways. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet as they contain necessary vitamins and minerals which are required for the body to function properly. Avoid eating junk food that contains hidden sugars and fats as they can wreak havoc on your body’s functioning.
  2. Exercise regularly: Regular exercise has numerous benefits for your body. From keeping your joints healthy to reducing risks of heart diseases, it does wonders for you. Take up a form of cardiovascular exercise such as swimming or running to keep your heart in good shape. Yoga is another form of exercise that is very good for your joints.
  3. Limit stressNothing is as bad for your overall health as stress. It causes chemical changes in the body which make you susceptible to various diseases, both psychological and physiological. Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation as it calms and soothes the mind. Simple breathing techniques are also a good way to combat stress.
  4. Avoid alcohol consumption: Excessive alcohol consumption can increase weight and make you susceptible to diseases such as liver and heart problems.
  5. Avoid smokingLike alcohol, smoking is another habit that you need to quit, if you haven’t already. Smoking causes the blood vessels in the body to narrow, resulting in impaired blood circulation.
  6. Adopt healthier habits: Simple healthy habits such as drinking a cup of lemon juice with warm water in the morning go a long way in keeping you healthy. Lemon is a good source of Vitamin C; consuming it after you wake up provides a boost to your body’s energy levels. Another simple habit you may consider is drinking 2-3 liters of water every day to keep your body hydrated.

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