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5 Ways to Prevent Skin Conditions in Athletes!

Dr. Latika Arya 88% (164 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology
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5 Ways to Prevent Skin Conditions in Athletes!

Given their nature of work, athletes are at an increased risk of acquiring skin infections. These infections can lead to serious consequences if they are left untreated. Here are 5 ways in which skin conditions in athletes can be prevented. 

  1. Keeping the bruises clean and covered - It is important for you to keep the cuts and scrapes clean as well as covered with bandages until they heal because such openings in the skin weaken its defence against germs and increase the possibility of infections. 
  2. Taking care of the blisters - Make sure that you prevent blisters as much as you can because they make your skin susceptible to infections. Use gels, sprays, ice pads etc. and try to avoid getting sunburnt to prevent dangerous skin conditions. 
  3. Be mindful of what you wear - It is important for athletes to wear moisture-wicking clothes because sweat, if not made to dry, can lead to growth of germs that can cause a number of skin diseases and infections. Also, not wearing foot wear outside the field can lead to infections on the feet. 
  4. Maintaining good hygiene - Take a shower after every practice session and game using an antimicrobial soap. Besides, use a clean towel and avoid sharing your personal care items like razor, soap etc. with other athletes. This is extremely important in order to reduce the risk of bacterial infection
  5. Disinfect all your equipment and go for skin checkups - Make sure that you disinfect all your equipment like the protective gear, gloves, socks etc. after every use. Also, get regular skin checkups done, especially if you are associated with high-risk sports like wrestling, boxing etc. There is an increased possibility of skin injuries, sores, swelling etc. in athletes associated with such sports, which exposes them to a greater risk of skin conditions. 

So, disinfection and clinical checkups on a regular basis become all the more important for them. 

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