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5 Common Fat Loss Myths and Facts!

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, Fellowship in Rheumatology
General Physician, Khammam  •  9 years experience
5 Common Fat Loss Myths and Facts!

There are many myths surrounding fat and weight loss today. From fad diets to exercises that promise to burn fat in no time at all, the Internet is flooded with material and information that can confuse people. So here is our list of facts and myths regarding fat loss.

  1. Starving: This one is a big myth! Do not starve as this will only make your body store fat from whatever little you may be ingesting. Also, such habits will chisel away at your bone and muscle strength in the long run.
  2. Snacking: Avoiding snacks for fat loss is a myth. You need to divide your meals into smaller portions for faster fat loss, which means one or two of those meals could actually be snacks. But a snack which comes in the form of a bag of chips is bad news. So get a salad or almonds for a snack instead.
  3. Carbs: If you have come to believe that all carbs are bad, then you need a reality check. This one is a major myth. The body requires nourishment above all else, and this includes some amount of carbs. While having a cheese burger is a big no no, having a potato salad minus the heavy cream dressing is actually a good idea and will give your body plenty of energy. Get the drift?
  4. Calories: While you may have been led to believe that certain kinds of food can burn calories, this is actually a myth. The reality is that there are different kinds of calories and you must choose food that is high in fibre so that the metabolic system gets a boost. Food like oats which come with high dietary fibre can actually help in pushing the food out of your digestive system, faster and more effectively.
  5. Eating Right and Exercising: Many people believe that eating right and exercising is the best way to banish fat from your life - forever. This is a myth. After a certain age, the metabolism does slow down. Eating right and exercising as a matter of routine helps in avoiding a sudden and massive weight gain. Above all, your diet and exercise should be flexible so that you can accommodate a slowdown without piling on fat.

The fat loss journey is one that is based on a consistent system of eating right and staying within a routine. So avoid myths and get yourself a well nourished, active and well rested body. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Rheumatologist.

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