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Last Updated: Nov 21, 2019

4 ways to keep intimate areas clean for men

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Most men pay a lot of attention to how fit their body is, how nicely done their hair are and how well-dressed they are. No wonder for them to have stocked up their homes with a range of self-grooming products. Well, all of this is great.

But like most other men, are you also often ignorant about your personal hygiene? If so, then it is bad because keeping yourself clean determines your overall health and wellness. It cannot be emphasized enough how essential personal hygiene is, especially that of your intimate areas.

What happens when you don’t clean your intimate areas?

Not cleaning your intimate areas could be an open invite to germs, bacteria etc. which could result in unwanted rashes, itchiness, warts, among others. Also, there are high chances of smegma (a greasy looking substance) getting accumulated in your genitals. This, in return, could make your intimate areas to smell bad. Unclean genitals are not only unhygienic but also could be a trouble for your partner. Therefore, keeping intimate areas clean is a daily practice that you shouldn’t miss.

So, how can you keep your intimate areas clean?

There are simple things that you can do:

1. Keep your intimate areas dry. You can wipe the areas properly after bath or after nature’s call. After using washroom, wash the areas and then dry wipe it.

2. Trim hair around your intimate parts. This will help keep germs and bacteria to not not stick to them.

3. Daily change your underwear. Make sure the ones you change are properly washed and are fresh.

4. While regular soaps could be harsh for the skin of your genital areas, an intimate hygiene wash could come to your rescue. Such products have been specifically designed to keep your personal parts clean. Doubtless to say, hygiene washes are available in abundance in the market, so choosing the right one could be challenging. However, keeping in mind how sensitive the skin of your intimate areas is, it is best advised to use a wash which is free from harmful chemicals.

You can opt for an all-natural intimate wash like ‘Namyaa Intimate Hygiene Wash’. It is completely safe for application on the intimate areas and is free from chemical and any kind of side effects. This beneficial wash is suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of using Namyaa Intimate Hygiene Wash

  • Designed with the goodness of proven Ayurvedic herbs like tea tree oil, rosemary, neem, aloe vera and others

  • Preserves your body's natural pH balance, thereby reducing itching, irritation and other infections

  • Free from paraben, SLES and excess soap, it also keeps you fresh and fragrant.

  • Helps tighten the skin of the intimate area and keeps the skin soft, supple and smooth

Rinse away the germs from your intimate areas and feel fresh and fragrant. 


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